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Eteru Zvonimir
Eteru Zvonimir
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Thaumaturgical Adventures: The Tree of Life [Eteru/Elk] [Dropped] Empty Thaumaturgical Adventures: The Tree of Life [Eteru/Elk] [Dropped]

Mon Sep 16, 2019 6:50 pm
Elk - :
He dosent feel anything after that yet something pulsed on his skin... markings, runes.. it appeared for a brief moment and he dint even notice, maybe for the creature infront of him possibly did. The runes appeared once again pulsing like a heartbeat this time seemingly scrolling through skins. The vine on his arm would appear to constrict harder and harder yet he does not feel anything to whatever the beast infront of him did to him, he is only thankful to him from stopping the pain... The vine suddenly grows thorns that penetrate his arm, he still cant feel pain. "Uh oh." More thorns would grow till one of the thorns manage to dismember his arm off his body.. yet he does not bleed for some reason as what is supposed to be the place of his arm is replaced with a dim blue light. He can see his arm on the ground twitching and spazzing as the vines continue to constrict it and seemingly consume.. as the vines feel the ground it would crawl on it trying to root itself. "[i]Hey atleast i dint feel that.. It cant get any worse than this right?"

"You be amazed to what can become worse." Viintaasvrii quip to lighten the mood despite the circumstances. He doesn't know what is going on but he had a vague feeling that this is meant to happen and is not a freak occurrence. All he can do for now is look on as the roots manage to find purchase on the smooth ground and burrow into it.

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Thaumaturgical Adventures: The Tree of Life [Eteru/Elk] [Dropped] Empty Re: Thaumaturgical Adventures: The Tree of Life [Eteru/Elk] [Dropped]

Tue Sep 24, 2019 11:19 pm
His decapitated arm would suddenly be completely consumed by the roots that seem to spread around them. It would form a small depression on the ground as if it is slowly burrowing itself into it. Sooner or later, the roots would release massive energetic pulse that would circle the planet once. "I-is it trying to plant itself here?" And it seems so. Some time later he would stand up seemingly feeling light as if floating off the ground.. The roots would grow large in size and would start breaking the surface like a tree's roots slowly inserting itself deeper into the ground. The decapitated part of his body would glow bright and would start forming a small light construct of a replacement of his arm yet this is quite painful for him...

The roots have found a worthy planet to grow unto.
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