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Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:35 pm
Welcome to Hoshizora

Welcome to Hoshizora, the online community dedicated to science-fiction writing, art, and Roleplaying and all other topics concerning these.  The Administration of this forum would like to provide the best writing experience for all members, and to allow you to enjoy your visits and have fun while you are here.  Before we give you an overview of the rules, we will answer the following questions:

What do I need to join Hoshizora?
Nothing at all! Just an interest in science fiction. That's all we ask. RPing is completely optional. We just ask that the minimum that you do is come and chat with us about various fiction topics!

What is a Role-play?
A role-play, sometimes written as 'roleplay' or 'RP', is in essence a story that is written by two or more authors. Participants in these RP's create and control characters that take part in the main plot-line, which is generally controlled by a single Game Master (GM).  A Game Master is the leading writer of a story, often responsible for ensuring balance among the participants and their characters, and triggering events that progress the story.  They are typically the creator of the RP and its concepts, and set the standards that all members joining it must follow.

Now that we have that answered, we will now go over some general rules of the forum.

Hoshizora Forum Rules


1. You will not under any circumstances attempt to enrage another user via means of trolling, spamming, flaming/flame-baiting, or any other form of harassment.  You will not discriminate against other members for any reason.  You will not insult other users, and will keep a respectful attitude at all times.

2. If harassed, you will not under any circumstances attempt to reply to a trolling or flaming attempt.  Report the posts immediately to a Mod or Admin.

3. You should not use large amounts of profanity or discuss particularly squeaky subjects in the forum. Much more leniency and freedom is given in the chatbox, but the main forum must be best kept PG-13.

4. You will not post pornographic images or links under any circumstances.

5. You will not under any circumstances post links to malicious sites that may harm another person's computer, phone, or any other device. Any malicious activity will result in an immediate permanent ban.

6. You will not attempt to advertise or sell any products on this forum, regardless of their nature or origin.

7. You will not by any means attempt to disclose personal information about other members.  This is to ensure the safety of you and all of our members.  Disclosure of personal information will result in an immediate permanent ban. Doxxing is a malicious act, and is strictly forbidden.  Any such activity will immediately be reported to the servers' owner.

8. When giving criticism or advice, be constructive.  You will not use criticism as an excuse or as means of insulting, humiliating, and degrading another member.  This forum does not care how much a person perceives their own writing to be above another member's.  If you insult other people and embarrass them because of supposed 'superiority', you are not being constructive.

9. Respect all members.

Admins and Moderation

10. Moderators and Administrators behave in a fashion similar to all members.  This means that we may start RP's, join ones made by our members, and take part in regular conversations with our community. However, you should not demand or ask for positions in the moderation or administration staff.  We do not do politics here, we write stories. If you want to engage into online forum-politicking this may not be the site for you.

11. Moderators and Administrators will not disclose the identity or username of our members if they report posts, and will respect their privacy.  People who are banned will not know the identity of the Moderator or Administrator who banned them, as the person delivering the punishment reserves the right to remain anonymous. Members are not permitted to argue with any Moderator or Administrator decisions. Members can and should submit their views in a civilized manner as feedback, but that's about it.


12. You will not place links in your signature that tamper with the site's forums, such as links that when clicked automatically post a new thread.

13. You will not place excessively bright, fast-moving, or flashing GIF files in your signature.  These things may aggravate conditions such as migraines or photosensitive or pattern-sensitive epilepsy.  If complaints are made by members in response to a GIF that looking at it causes dizziness, blurred vision, nausea, confusion, or a headache, then you will be asked to immediately remove it.


14. You must abide by all of the rules that your Game Master has set for their story. They serve as thread-moderators for their own threads, and should be viewed as having the right to kick you out of their story.  However, Game Masters must additionally ensure that their threads adhere to the rules of the forum.  The rules of the RG forums surpass that of any individual thread.

15. If a Game Master does does not abide by the forum's rules in their RP, their threads will be removed.

16. Role-plays designed for a mature audience are allowed, however; the GM making the role-play must inform a moderator of this concept during the approval process.  Mature RPs are allowed to possess concepts such as: cursing, drugs, sex, etc.  However, if these concepts become too extensive, the role-play will be shut down immediately.  Any RPs that may be portrayed as pornography, or are filled with what we perceive to be an excessive amount of profanity, will be taken away.  It is heavily encouraged that writers find more creative ways for their characters to insult each other, rather than utilizing foul language.  The ability to make RP's like this is not a right, but a privilege that we allow our members to have, as long as they are behaving responsibly.  Abuse of this privilege will result in it being taken away.


17. Creating an alternative account after being banned is strictly prohibited.  All alternative accounts will be banned permanently through banning the IP address.


The Ban System

1st Suspension = 1 to 3 Day Ban

2nd Suspension = 1 Week Ban

3rd Suspension = 1 Month Ban

4th Suspension = Permanent Ban

- The disclosure of personal information is an immediate Permanent Ban.

- The posting of links that lead to malicious sites is an immediate Permanent Ban.

- Hacking, doxxing, phishing, or other malicious acts is an immediate Permanent Ban.

- Large quantities of spam (five threads or more) will result in a weekly Ban.

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