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Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon] - Page 6 Empty Re: Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon]

on Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:09 am
Alcra was of course quite happy that Lincoln cared enough to comfort her on this. It was quite hard for her after all even if it needed to be done, for multiple reasons both newly inspired and ones she had known for a while. The little bit of physical reassurance was quite pleasant as well, and got a sultry smile out of Alcra for a little while before she made it normal again, as Talmia was of course still here. What made Alcra a lot more happy however was what he said when Charka arrived, as that made her feel very valued indeed. She responded mentally, "All that you truly desire shall be yours, my lord... But, from the view this servant, thank you for valuing me so highly. I will do everything in my power to live up to your expectations so you may never need more than what I can provide. May I be able to please you as long as I live, and if I cannot then I will be there to assist with my own replacement. Still, thank you for caring."

Meanwhile Charka waved her troopers onward into the base, as they would be in first to find the most important things within. This was a military matter above all in the end, and so this was her location. Charka simply looked at Luan for a moment to hear out her speech, and then... She visibly seemed to ignore it, her demeanor remaining the exact same. She didn't speak to Luan and instead waved for Lincoln and his companions to come out, continuing as all was going to plan, "Alright, all of you, it's time to go. Been in there a while according to police reports, should the calls reported by local citizens be aligned with you. The police are here to assist as are the other various emergency services, as I am sure you can tell. Quite safe now." As she spoke, most of the Golden Guard moved into the facility itself, but others took up positions around Lincoln's group to escort them out. Charka herself made sure to stand visibly at the front of the group, as they were walked out the doors and into the light.

Charka spoke calmly to Lincoln as she led the group towards a police ambulance, "You seem to be alright, fortunate. This was a dangerous place, and you should not have entered it. Fortunately my men knew how to make a safe entry, and it seems some other Watrike found their way in to keep you safe too." Charka was of course taking advantage of the presence of Talmia and Alcra, who were still in their armor, Talmia having put her helmet back on to hide her unique biology, appearing just like a Watrike with a strange suit of armor, something she seemed to do out of instinct. Alcra seemed pleased at that, indicating that this was something she trained Talmia to do. Charka then continued, "Still, I led my group here, and so I am personally seeing to your help, and why I went in first. Now then, I will see to it that you all get a checkup, need to ensure that you don't have any lasting damages. And that's why police ambulances have been brought. They have capable equipment, and my Golden Guard Medics are experts in their fields. The people of this planet aren't going to lose another hero, neither to military mishap or unseen contagion." She was notably loud enough for onlookers to hear.

It was fairly clear to see what Charka was doing. If this was going to be made a public matter, then she simply took control of the situation. She had the authority being a high ranking military officer, and this affair was a military one. But she wasn't going to argue with the police and others either, they were of course assistants in this affair. But she wasn't taking their orders. If Luan wanted to play such a political game, that was fine, Charka would protect both Tyfrondor's reputation and his authority. And thus, if she wanted images, Luan could have the image of Tyfrondor's Bodyguards being the first inside, and Charka being the one leading Lincoln out. Her guards would be the escort, and they would be the ones ensuring their safety. They were the finest after all, and heroes did deserve the best. All the same, Lincoln could feel Charka's gaze on him now, she could tell something was going on with him. One did not bring in such an escort for some random person, even a local hero. If there was something to this Lincoln, she would figure it out. No stones unturned, and Luan was not getting him to herself now.

All the same, as she brought Lincoln to an ambulance and directed her medics to start some basic checkups, Charka waved for Luan to come over, "Come on over then commissioner. Seems to be safe now, I didn't pick up anything dangerous on their bodies so it's safe to approach instead of staying back. Should mean its generally safe inside as well. Just wave the rest of your men inside, I am sure they know the procedures. We'll keep them safe too. Thank you for the support, even if much of it was unneeded for this. I have it handled. Now, you can have them once we make sure all is clear, and handle the matters that are of interest to the Union Military. This Omnipo facility was a generally unknown one, might have important info even if the war is past. Come along if you'd like. This is your ambulance after all. Still, interesting that you have taken such interest. This connected to your other cases? I'll be happy to share any such relevant information." Her tone was calm and cordial, but it was fairly easy to read between the lines. Luan could have him when Charka was finished, and only at her discretion. Something she wanted Luan to earn after trying to pull off such a stunt.

With that done she then also turned to Lana, giving her a look, "Meanwhile, Bolina, you've got explaining to do. A fair bit of it. I'm not a fool, I can tell when something is going on. It's not a coincidence you are here, and then a commissioner shows up, and finally I see Watrike I didn't order myself. We're going to have a chat and clear it all up."
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Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon] - Page 6 Empty Re: Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon]

on Sat Oct 17, 2020 3:22 pm
A strong urge to kiss Alcra right there and then almost overtook him. Yet he managed to show restraint. She was being too precious for him when he can’t show how he felt in return. It's not fair. So he just opts to give his beloved Watrike a very warm, pleasant feeling that spread throughout her body.

What happened next he wasn’t quite so sure. He wasn’t paying much attention due to being distracted by the odd vibes that Luan was giving off. There was a sense the conversation remained peaceful and professional on both ends. Testimonies were given, including his own, and he then found himself later outside on the back of an ambulance with a small blanket hanging off his shoulders. It tends to get quite chilly in the underground at this time.

The others were about. Lana was chatting with Charka again. And he was trying to not curl inward like a turtle from the nearby reporters. He recalled speaking to them earlier with the assistance of some officer so he could give them something to write about. One of their inquiries was why he didn’t get out right away. As apparently, he didn’t know that people were recording him at night during the exodus. Because he was in his true form spread out across the ceiling of the tunnel to give people something pleasant to sleep under.

The general consensus he learned and felt happy for was that it gave many people the impression of sleeping under the night sky. To some it was the one thing that gave them hope.

He gave the honest answer that he stayed behind to attend to the dead and try to retrieve more. They seemed to like that and the officer got him away before they could bother him with more questions.

Sitting on the ambulance he was still on edge with the strangeness that Luan was emanating. Said woman was casually chatting with another officer. Standard stuff he thought.

And then his cosmic self felt it. Someone other than him and Tulam was in the kitchen. He was lazing on the couch when he bolted upright. Coming to his feet to edge towards the entryway.

The oddest thing was that he never felt it. A quick glance told him that every ward in place was perfectly untouched. To it, nothing passed it. Despite the fact he was seeing something quite the opposite.

He saw Luan at the counter making a cup. But garbed in something that spoke a sense of familiarity in him. She was in a white sleeveless shirt, a yellow skirt with a checkerboard pattern. It felt off. As if it were something she wouldn’t normally wear.

“Strange isn’t?”

Lincoln came to a stop when she apparently noticed him despite not glancing in his direction. Speaking in that cool yet more softer voice.

“This house put me into these. I’ll admit they’re quite lovely.”

He couldn’t argue that. It did look nice on her. Reminded him of those Gashyran Belle pictures of women in. An air of light and innocence that speaks of days now long gone. And as much it would be a natural course of action to confront an intruder. He didn’t feel Luan was breaking in.

“They feel familiar.” He noted. Putting on an amiable front to Luan. Quelling the rising anxiety and paranoia underneath.

At last she looked at him with her strange yellow eyes. Still wearing that soft smile on her face. “Wish to sit at the table?” She gestures to the dining room.

Seeing no other reason no to, he went over to take a seat with his sister taking one nearby. They say in silence for a few moments. Both seem to be taking in the rather warm atmosphere.

“It feels like home.”

Luan’s casual remark made him snap to attention again. He looked at her. Studying her perplexing. Of how delicate the curve of her pale neck was. Thankfully things were too awkward for him to indulge in his usual admiration of the female body.

“It really does, doesn’t it? Do you...know anything about this place?” He asks softly as well. Not wishing to disturb the calm too much,

“I’m as lost as you are. But I can feel this is our home. That our whole family once sat at this table to feast.”

Lincoln looked around the table. Sure enough he could sense that same inkling as well. He turned to look back at Luan to ask something but she already seem to knew his question before he said it.

“I’ve only ever come across signs that we were sailing the sea of stars for a lot longer than a thousand years. Lucy, Leni, and Luna all made allusions to it but never know more than that. Especially with the chains that bound us to not make us too curious.”

Luan seemed to notice his look and gave a short giggle. “I don’t need my gifts to read you. Just simple psychology. You’re easy to read like that.”

His cheeks gave a pink tint. Looking to the side he went to steer the conversation to an important subject. “Do you...know?”

“About my baby brother making a little harem?” Despite the gravity of it she said it in a teasing manner. “Honestly, it’s quite cute.”

That made him tilt his head a bit, “How come?” While he’s very much committing some dubious things he’s still self aware of the fact that it’s not a pretty thing in people's eyes. Tulam can complain about self limitations being for squares all he wants. But he’s not going to abuse his powers. It was a good thing he learned about his dead son. That would be a good excuse to use for a reason to not go on a romp around the galaxy to shag everyone he meets.

Luan gave a light roll of her shoulders in a shrug. Her eyes locked on to his as she sips her tea. “I have had a close eye on you for a long time. I’m sure you know you’re known to every police agency across Iammelon. Not only because you’re close to Vega, but that you possess strange abilities that made you a possible greatest threat to national security.”

That made him fluster a bit. It was true that he figured his uniqueness would be well known. More so with technology all around him. It was why he told Alcra he stuck to a low profile career.

“The sole reason why you weren’t sought after as much as it could have been was simply because we could see you weren’t using it to your advantage all that much. And with a non violent crime record, you were simply not a threat yet. And so we decided to focus on higher priority targets like your old friend.”

That adds up with his general experience with the police he thought. He then notices Luan giving him a deeper gaze. “I suppose you could say I was learning a lot about you. Kinda like how you can get a sense of an artist’s soul from their painting.”

“I can get what you mean.” It was a feeling when he sauntered around abandoned places. See things that give him an echo of the life that once flourished there. Connecting the dots he looked into her eyes again. “I guess, you know me in a different way then.”

She let out a low hum. “You deserve many things. What sort of older sister would I be if I don’t accept your wishes.” She paused. Letting silence to hang in the air briefly. “Beneath it all. You’re after revenge. Same as me.”

He could get a sense of what she was going on about. The reason she isn’t bothered is out of pure mutualism. His passive demeanor faltered when her gaze turned sultry. “Why don’t we carry this conversation over to the couch hm? It’s only proper for you to know more about me when I’ve learned much in return.”

Even though he's not really human. Unless they’re not straight, hot blooded men rarely not take up the signals presented to them.

Exchanging flirty smiles and half lidded gaze they sensually made their way over to the couch. All the while that strange feeling was still there. The persistent sense of deja vu. It bothered him enough that he spoke as he straddled Luan's waist as she laid on the couch. Resting her head on the arm rest. “I feel we’re doing some naughty for some reason.” He commented.

Luan brightens her smile. Giving him a soft gaze as she snake her hands to clasp behind her brother's neck. “Well Lincoln. We are doing improper things on the family couch. I wouldn’t put it past you if in some other time, in a home very much like this one. You charmed me to try something risque while our family was sleeping.”

For some reason he gave a scoff. His hands trailing her side. “For some reason something tells me it was you who charmed me first.”

“Then, I suppose we’re really meant to be together.” Was her response to that before they dropped the need for any more words. Everything after that was spoken in gasps and moans. All the while he thought about what they said earlier about them being tied longer than they were born. If that is not the definition of being destined together he doesn’t know what is.

The strange flower that was Luan’s soul bloomed. Bearing her core without hesitating. Both Lincoln and Tulam would learn more why Luan rolled over so easily without any prompt. Looking within they could see that Luan was truly keeping an eye on Lincoln for so many years. Mentally debating whether to reunite with him or not. The strange, brief conversation with her other sisters made her feel that since they have been united for so long. Is it only proper to be united again?

When she learned about Lincoln’s deeds through her powers. Joining him in that fashion didn’t seem like a bad thought. As it implies she had any autonomy to begin with. You can’t take what was already taken after all.

What’s more, she knew that being in her brother's shackles meant the shattering of her old ones. And given she had watched Lincoln grow up to become a fine man from afar. It looks like an appealing trade off.

All these rationalizations orbit one theme. Fate. Typically she’s not one to believe in that type of stuff. But considering the signs, and how there is a strange synchronicity of her sisters seemingly honing on her brother within the same time frame. For someone with her unique sight on the world. It wasn’t hard to almost make out the invisible hand that guided certain events.

But this all didn’t matter anymore. The more her sweet brother worships her body. Scrape the inside of her core with his great manhood. Made her feel like her age was finally rolling off of her. The weight of centuries no longer looming over her mind as another shadow took its place. Her power dimmer than what it used to be.

Who cares if it looked like she was being too submissive. There was one thing that mattered. That only ever mattered. That she was now home in her brother’s arms.

A certain room in the house becomes half furnished. A sign that Luan is forever bound to Lincoln. With their spirits mending and Tulam possibly working on limiting her abilities much as he did with the other siblings. Lincoln’s physical self snapped out of his aimless gaze.

Things seem like they were cleaning up. He could see Lana being near which makes sense. She likely told Charka about how he was the rock so it would be odd if they split up. The surrounding crowd seems to be smaller with a few groups here and there hanging around.

He caught Luan giving him a glancing yet loving look as she seemed to finish up her business as well. From their newfound connection he would learn that coincidentally Luan had been planning to take a much awarded paid break after the Civil War and had been thinking of taking it up to go find him. Then the facility happened so she held it off until after the crisis was solved.

Now that it was. She was free to take the break. But she would need to head back to the station first. Letting another kind officer to offer him, Lana, Alcra, Talmina and her pet a ride somewhere. Lincoln allowed Lana to request the officer to drop her off at her apartment real quick to get her stuff and come back.

Afterwards he gave a mental suggestion that perhaps they should be dropped off at a bus stop. Both to give Alcra time with Talmina and a way to then get to the area where the ship was. Once Alcra treated him with two new additions to the family. Lisa and Luan will both head to the ship sometime after.
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Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon] - Page 6 Empty Re: Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon]

on Sun Oct 18, 2020 4:51 am
Once released of the police and Charka, who noted that she would be keeping tabs on Lincoln and his group, the group was indeed free to do as they needed. Once Lana and the police officer were off, that meant it was just Alcra, Lincoln, and of course Talmia and her Valorian. That meant this was a good time for something Alcra needed to do, which was to turn to Talmia and smile in a sorrowful fashion, but she kept herself strong as she spoke, "Alright, Talmia, this is where I need you to go and do something for me, alone. Remember that mission I was telling you about over in the Vendral Sector of Avalantus? You have all the information on it, and I want you to go and do it without me. And then, once that is done, I want you to chart your own course in life. I have taught you everything I can, and I believe you are ready to strike out and make your own destiny. You're strong Talmia, and this is your time. I want you to make your own name, and see your potential blossom into something amazing. But you can't do that with me, this part of your journey is one you have to do by yourself. I think you're ready..." 

As the speech was visibly difficult on Alcra, Lincoln could tell none of it was false. This was a truth Alcra had known for a while, Talmia had potential that she needed to grow without an overprotective mother figure around her. She was an adult, and she needed to mark out her own life. After a moment of silence, Talmia gave a nod of understanding. Without saying anything, she gave Alcra a big hug, speaking quietly, "This one understands, Alcra. It thanks you, for everything. This one was saved, raised, given a true life. It will make you proud."

Returning the hug tightly, Alcra seemed to be almost tearing up yet remained strong, "You already have, I am so proud of you Talmia. You'll be a fine Watrike, the Grand Drake could never hope for a better ally." She give Talmia a small kiss on the head, and maintained the hug for a few moments before stepping back, "I'll make sure to call you plenty, we'll stay in touch. Just because you are living and acting on your own now doesn't mean we aren't going to stay close, after all. If you ever need advice or just want to talk, you have my number. And if you are ever in trouble, I will be there for you, Talmia. Now go on, make the Nebula know your name." With that she gave a sorrowful wave.

The wave was returned by Talmia as she began to walk off. Her Valorian of course followed loyally, and if Lincoln was watching closely she was a fair bit less restrained in her looking and closeness to Talmia now that Alcra was not nearby. The two moved off into the distance, and soon out of sight. Alcra sighed, a smile still on her face as she made a final comment, "I think I did pretty good with her. No regrets at all."

After a few seconds of looking into the distance, Alcra then quickly turned back towards Lincoln. She still had a smile on her face, and rather suddenly she lifted him up by the hand and into a deep kiss. After a moment of that she forced herself back, not allowing herself to indulge for too long. All the same she gave him a sultry look, "That was my repayment for keeping that inside so long, and your teasing. But now, sir, we can move on. The ship is docked within a private shipyard quite close by, and my freelancer friends should be in it. I will allow you to determine whether the ship is worthy of your presence, the same going for the women within. Right this way, sir."

With that, Alcra would lead Lincoln towards a small starport that seemed to be built for just this local area. It wasn't big enough for massive cargo freighters or military frigates, but it was still large enough to handle bigger ships like luxury personal vessels, which of course they were here for today. It was a fairly quiet place, and Alcra simply showed the guard at the front door a little slip to signify she was allowed within. She had used this place herself before, so she was recognized. Lincoln wasn't, but the guard wasn't about to argue with the powerful Watrike woman. She led him off to the side, towards a location marked "Docking Bay 4", which was notably far away from the others. Upon opening the door using a code Alcra had obtained before, she was able to give them both access to the docking bay. Within, Lincoln would be able to finally bear witness to the ship Alcra had decided would be his, a lovely silver craft.

Soon after stepping into the docking bay and looking around, Alcra gave a nod of satisfaction. She quickly closed the door behind her and spoke to Lincoln, "As expected, the freelancers still value their privacy so very much. This will suit us quite well, my lord. Nobody will come to interrupt their... enlightenment. I'll ensure they forgo all their desire for money, they'll have much better things to focus on." While walking towards the vessel, she started to explain it, "The ship is a creation of the Proscore Avionics Corporation, their civilian branch. It's a PAC-48 Proprietor, a luxury craft built to service CEOs and other people of big note and bigger money. It'll have many things we shall need. Capacity for long range transport, excellent navigation systems, extensive communications, capable weapons systems, and plenty of storage space. But besides that, it is built for comfort. You and all your servants will be quite comfortable within, I believe. And should any part of the ship displease you, this can be remedied as well. It is a very easily customized ship, built to be flexible enough to suit whatever strange and specific desire its clients may want. It will take minimal effort to suit its interior to your pleasure. I'll make sure to make other additions, such as sound proofing certain rooms. I see no reason after all that any unpleasant noises should disturb you while working, or even while reminding your servants of their deepest purpose; to please you as best their meager bodies and minds can..." She then arrived at a ramp up to the door of the vessel, and calmed herself down, "Now then, time to meet the prospects and determine their worth... Clere, you lazy bastard, get out here!" With that she knocked loudly on the door, her strength being noticeable with how loud it was. One might fear she would even dent the door.

Fortunately for the door's structural integrity, it was opened soon enough. The figure that emerged was a feline , of the M'hassari species. They would be ones that Lincoln would have seen very little of, they were not a common species in the Nebula. Their homeworld lay far north in the lands of their own old Empire, nowadays broken up into many smaller powers fighting among themselves. Avalantus however was always the hotbed of immigration and opportunity, and so it was one of the few Iammelonian worlds to have a decently sized population of M'hassari immigrants. Clere was quite well built, and the weapons strapped to her waist made it clear that she was an experienced fighter. When she spoke, Lincoln would not detect any foreign accent, she was Avalantine to the core, the only thing in her voice was some irritation and a clear tiredness, "Whaaaaat! ...Oh, damn it Alcra, you never let me nap. You should damn well know I nap at this time. Alright, what the heck is it? Another job you want me and Relian joining up on? If it pays good and doesn't piss off anybody important, sure. Always willing to do some profitable good, I don't have a job right now after all. Just let me damn sleep before we talk business next time... Oh? Now who's that with you? He ain't the normal lass you bring around." Clere had noticed Lincoln, and was giving him a suspicious look.
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Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon] - Page 6 Empty Re: Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon]

on Sun Oct 18, 2020 2:02 pm
Lincoln let Alcra and Talmina head over to the bus stop shelter while he helped Lana with getting her bags out of the speeder’s trunk. She traveled fairly light so it didn't bother him to carry a bag despite how much he can tell Lana wanted to carry them all for her dear brother. But would never dare to argue with him so she lets him be courteous.

Stepping onto the sidewalk they waved at the kind officer who drove them here. They stayed a respectable distance away to give the Watrikes a sense of privacy in what is an intimate moment. The sight was something they both understood well. It made him double guess himself whether they could keep Talmina along. Alas no matter how he looked at it, Talmina needed to find her own road.

Seeing Alcra struggling makes him uneasy. He didn’t like seeing her look so troubled. As long he stays on top of it he’ll ensure that no worries will plague her mind for long. Other than that he gave a small smile seeing them hug.

Watching Alcra finish saying one's peace.he felt compelled to step forward to bid his own goodbyes. Offering her a hug if she wants one otherwise he kept his arms to the side. “We may only have just met. And didn’t have the best of first impressions. Given I’ll be traveling with Alcra, I wish for us to stay in touch as well. I have an inkling that we are both going to walk on our own paths to greatness. And while they may not go the same way. I feel we can be friends. Especially in such a wide galaxy as Hoshizora. It can be a bit rough finding your feet at first, but I feel you can do it and know you’re surrounded by people you can go talk to for help.”

He gazed down the road. Peering at the everdistant horizon. “There’s something I’ve always wanted to say to a Watrike. And from what I learned, something they should discover. And that’s the nature of Tyfrondor and all of Dragonkind. They...are special. Just not in the way you might think. Now, I don’t know much. Long story short one of the things I did to pass the time was chat with an odd, elderly woman named Asherah. A blind Mystic in a small shack. Typically palm readers and fortune tellers and the sort are scams. But I could feel that she was different. Her eyes may be blind to the world but they are still seeing greater things.”

He paused, then looked back over to Talmina. “She’s fond of speaking in poems and riddles. Never giving anything too concise. But there are some things I recall that made me connect them to Dragons for some reason. Black wings extending over a beach of eggshells and a sea of yolk. Six tears befell on six mountains. Cryptic things like that. There is something else also that made me think. Whenever I’ve gone to Heord. Something was strange. The dragons felt slightly different from all of us. More unique. There’s a story there. The dragons are the main characters and we are but an audience. It’s a story that I have no place to look deeper. But you, I feel you can do great things like Alcra said. Uncover the mysteries of Dragonkind to truly appreciate the importance of Tyfrondor. Which leads me to my last advice for you. You have a great gift within you. But don’t be blinded by the riches it can yield. The truth won’t be found within the flesh, but from the great sky and stars above us all. And may they light your path well. That said, you can give me a call as well if you have things you don't feel comfortable telling Alcra.”

Flashing a smile he waved Talmina off as well. It took him some time to see that Alcra oversight was a bit important to make sure she uses her power well. Now that Alcra is occupied with other matters that sense of restraint is not there anymore. So he made the effort to give her a sense of direction. The reason he’s indulging in flesh is because he doesn’t need anything else. Well, in terms of ambition. Talmina doesn’t have what he possesses. Her understanding of the great infinities is limited to everyone mundane.

Seeing the two walk out of sight he gave a sigh. Excitement then well up in his chest. Feeling a bit giddy he turned back with a smile and walked under the shelter beside Alcra. Accepting her firm hands caressing his lower back to lift his hip up slightly so he could meet her lips. Tangling her long, narrow tongue with his own. He reached a hand to settle on the back of her head. Enjoying how her ridges felt beneath his palm as he pulled her into a more passionate kiss.

It spurred the fire within him greatly. So naturally when she stopped kissing he felt disappointed. His eyes reflect dark, hot emotions as he watches her try to brush it by. But he wasn’t going to let her get away from it. A film of grey energy surrounds his palms momentarily. He could hear the gravitons hum in wait for his command. He gripped her waist to pick her up suddenly with ease and pushed her against the side wall of the glass shelter. Not too roughly but enough to get the message across.

“Look at you. Choosing when to stop indulging in me and act as if you did nothing wrong. How very improper. Now of course you’re free to initiate time with me, that is fine. Encouraged even. But here’s the problem you make.” He wasn’t mad in the slightest but he was going to tease Alcra greatly in this show of dominance. Pulling her hand to slip inside his pants and press it against something hot and throbbing. “You feel that? Engrave the memory of the texture and heat into your mind. This is how hard you just made me and you were going to just walk away? Tsk tsk tsk. It seems you have yet to understand how much you turn me on. How damn attractive you are.” He paused. Keeping an intense gaze with her eyes as he grind his hips against her open palm. “I’m kind. So I’ll forgive you somewhat. But do know this. Before you sleep and head to that special place to start your other purpose. I’m going to pin you to the bed and make you squeal in passion to make you really learn this lesson. Till then I’ll leave you a taste.”

Her hand became slick with a hot substance. Lincoln gave a satisfied sigh as he pulled her hand out and held it up to make her see the essence of his love. “You’re just like Lans. You love the smell of me so much you can’t get enough of it.” As she did with Lana, he increased the sensitivity of her smell and he didn’t stop there to really make sure her thoughts were stained white. “Now lick it up. I’m sure it will be the most delicious thing you ever tasted..” Sure enough when she goes to clean her hand it would not feel bitter like normal but instead it’s somehow one of the most wonderful things that graced her taste buds.

Giving her thigh a light slap he stepped back with his usual smile. Lana stood beside him wide eyed. It made her hot to see her brother dominate Alcra to remind her of her place. Finally he let Alcra compose herself and let her guide them to the hanger. He sent Tulam a mental thought to ask how he did there. As it’s one of his first times disciplining someone.

Later while they were conversing with the guard he also let him know that their other friends will be coming by later in the evening. Past that paint they walked into the room that has large windows to look out into the hangar bay. His eyes went wide when he saw it. He didn’t need to hear the lovely specifications to know he was in love with it. Before he went to walk and talk about that he grabbed her arm to make her stop for a moment. “Before you continue. I just wanted to say I’m already impressed by the ship and with you. So here’s a small reward.” Her body would be hit with a small orgasm. He then spanked her butt to get her going.

Standing at the top of the ramp he was certainly smitten with who stepped from the shadows. A fact he made known to Alcra through their mental link, as well bringing Lana into the loop. ”You truly know my preference well Alcra. As always you make me proud. In fact, I’ll let you make up for your slip back there by showing how much you’re devoted to me by carrying out your purpose as my sword. See Alcra and this goes for you to Lana so pay attention. You’re a part of my will. We are all in one. You can use my gift to open people's eyes any time. To take care of threats when you find it while I’m not there to do it myself. So watch closely. Feel how my presence makes her soul shudder as it becomes saturated beneath the weight of my being. While her eyes are wide, show them who they serve. And you Lana will be a helper in this. So follow what she wants”

Clere would feel a shudder when she set her eyes on the being before her. He’s hardly bigger than her yet felt a sense of vertigo. The sort of feeling one gets when they look up into the sky and become overwhelmed by the staggering immensity of the heavens. His vibrant blue eyes would draw her gaze in. And she would glimpse the reflection within. The shimmering light of everything that ever was and could have been. He took a step yet it felt like a mountain moved towards her. The sheer sense of the sublime flooded her body. Along with an undercurrent of his essence that soaked her pores. Her narrow mind that only ever focused on petty thoughts wouldn't be able to withstand the majesty of his being. What value is wealth when everything is within his reach. So far and above it all.

The rippling tide of his being billowed outward. Sweeping up Relian somewhere in the ship who would get the powerful sense that someone divine appeared on their doorsteps. Something that would fill her with exuberance as everything seems to now become dull in comparison to it. Drawing her out where she may discover her true life purpose.

He smiled, “My name is Lincoln Zvonimir. And this is my sister Lana. Alcra told me about the two of you. And I’m excited to learn more.”
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Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon] - Page 6 Empty Re: Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon]

Yesterday at 4:30 am
Alcra of course quite happily took her disciplining, as even she would need to be reminded when she overstepped. After all, she wasn't perfect. The only one who could be perfect in her eyes was the one teaching her. But while he did give her pleasure, the thing that really pleased her most of all was his approval. She was just happy to know she had done well. She smirked as she got her instructions, giving a wordless nod. Lincoln could feel that she was going to show her ability for this by action and example, rather than explanation.

Meanwhile, Tulam popped up in Lincoln's mind, smirking, "Look at you, already working on expanding the power base and building a little slave army. Learning well! Now, as for your disciplining, good! Slaves need reminders of when they step out of line. Even if they do it with intentions that aren't negative, what matters above all is that they consider your desires above theirs. And more specifically, your orders then and now. But it is important to remember the two ways to discipline. Positive and negative reinforcement! A slave who acts against your orders and desires must be punished, selfishness is unacceptable in slaves. This is where negative reinforcement is used. Take away, punish, restrain. You seem to have entrusted the lizard this part so I'll just go on to the next. Positive reinforcement is the right choice when the slave fails to meet your desires but not out of incompetence or disloyalty, but rather... misinterpretation. Such as there, that was a good example. Give them promises, offers of reward and happiness, if they next time can restrain themselves and follow your orders to the letter. After all, if they are already trying their best to please you, punishment is a poor way to handle it. If they simply misunderstand, that can be fixed. This lizard slave is such an example. You'll find others however who do need the punishment, for letting their selfishness take charge." He paused for a moment, before speaking again, "Oh right, I should tell you. I've got the limits set up on all your sisters now. Their powers are nice and limited now, they'll be unnoticeable on the greater level. Of course you must remind them of this limit, lest they get themselves killed by overestimating their powers. Make it an addition to their training, learning to accept being... lesser. They do after all need to embrace their new states as servants, and slaves should always accept being below their masters. Simple, isn't it? Now naturally all beings are lesser than Psions, including in power, so this is easy for me, but it's a good thing for you to... remind them of. That new one for instance. Anyways, seems your show is about to start. Have fun, vessel." With that, he phased out.

Back in the real world, Clere had clearly been effected by Lincoln's outreach. She stepped back a bit, her tiredness fading instantly as her eyes opened wide in surprise and confusion. It seemed she was fairly strong willed and not instantly overtaken, although her will was certainly not on par with Alcra's, leaving her in a confused and pliable state. For once in this M'hassari's life, she seemed uncertain to what to do, her voice filled with the same confusion, "Uhm... H-Hi. I'm Clere, I... don't know..." 

Taking advantage, Alcra of course happily stepped forward, stroking Clere's confused face while speaking in a sultry tone, "Believe me, Clere, this will be the job of your lifetime. It's not just a mission, it'll be a more permanent arrangement. As for the pay, you can trust me in that it'll be something priceless. Now come along, we'll need Relian too for what comes next." With that, she took the feline by the hand to lead her further inside the ship, her tail gesturing for Lincoln and Lana to come along as well.

Alcra led the overwhelmed M'hassari into what appeared to be a small living room. When they got there, somebody else had stumbled out here as well. It was a Viscan , a Canid species that was also foreign to the Iammelonian Nebula, although Iammelon had recently gotten a notable population of them with the annexation of the world of Soredia, as well as increasing immigration from Visca proper to worlds like Avalantus. This one seemed as confused and overwhelmed as Clere, her mind also struggling to process Lincoln's effect upon it. Alcra acknowledged her as well, waving to her, "Ah, Relian, come here. Stand next to Clere. You'll be needed for this as well." The Watrike then came over to the large couch in the room, gesturing for Lincoln to go and sit down, "Please take a seat, my lord. I wish for you to be comfortable as I work."

In their confused states, Clere and Relian also stepped forward towards the couch to sit, but were blocked by Alcra. She placed her hands on their shoulders, pushing them downwards, "Oh no, not you two. The seat is for your new boss, the final and everlasting one for the new mission of your lives. Slaves like you kneel on the floor until given permission. Now get on your knees and stay perfectly still until you are ordered otherwise." The two women were soon kneeling on the floor, looking up at Alcra still confused but now also seeming to slightly gain some clarity. Their minds were piecing together that they were receiving orders for their mission, and their well tuned mercenary minds were of course quite well built for hearing their mission and carrying it out, and these two were not the sloppy type. They would listen deeply to their new instructions. 

Alcra pointed to Lana, and then to Relian, "Lana, Relian here was tardy and rude enough not to greet her lord at the door like a good servant. Clearly she is too tired and unprepared for a selfish nap. Work her up so she'll shake off that tiredness nice and quickly, and so she'll be ready to carry out her orders. Get to it." She then turned to the Viscan to speak, "As for you, no touching yourself. Your tardiness means you will only receive attention when you make Lana willing enough to give it. But there is one thing you should warm up... Your tongue. I will grant you the ability to use that, use it upon Lana to show me you are prepared for your true task. Only once she is broken may you finally be allowed the joy of being broken yourself."

With the orders given, she then bent down next to Clere. She gripped the feline's face, forcing her eyes upon Lincoln. The other hand drifted down towards her chest, removing the faint articles of clothing there as she began to speak into Clere's ears, "As for you, it is good that you answered the door so quickly. As if realizing destiny was on the other side, so thoughtful. You truly were built for this very day to come, you just need to embrace that. Bear witness to him now, take it all in. This is purpose." Giving her a few seconds to take that in, with the addition of Alcra's working up, that got a small moan from the Feline, which made Alcra smirk and continue, "Fortunately for you, your lord has already shown interest in you. Truly lucky, but you shouldn't waste that. It's time for you to prove yourself, directly. Stay on your knees, and crawl. Beg for your chance to show that you will obey and please, and learn that service is its own reward. Go." 

With a slap on the rear, Clere was sent forward. But with Alcra's words boring into her mind, she started going forward. Alcra wasn't entirely done, and started using her new snippets of power to start working upon Clere's mind. Making her desire for the being in front of her grow and grow with every inch she movement closer. She had never been religious prior to this, but with Alcra's modifications what was once before a content lack of care for the divine became a hole in her soul. An emptiness that needed filling, and now before her was the solution. Her confused mind was happily taking Alcra's little suggestions for rationalization, making them into fact. By the time she had crawled over to Lincoln, Clere was quite changed. The strong mercenary who cared only for gold now muzzled her face upon Lincoln's legs, looking up at him as if he was the brightest star in the sky. She was incapable of speech, just whimpers begging for her chance.
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Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon] - Page 6 Empty Re: Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon]

Yesterday at 1:55 pm

He mentally nodded to Tulam’s lecture on discipline. Even with context it was fairly solid life advice in general. ”That makes sense. You can’t take charge with a loose hand.” He mentally commented in agreement before he faded away. Couldn’t say more as his thoughts were preoccupied on the sight before him. Relishing in the daze look in Clere as she stepped back. Her taut body wobble. Giving him a show of her lovely form. From her feline curves to the healthy coat of fur that he was eager to brush his fingers through. The sheer taboo made it more exciting. For Clere never expected for a strong Watrike like Alcra to show up one day to show her a new road in life.

Lincoln continued to watch the show. Alcra cupping Clere’s cheek to stoke it while she stood there in a daze was nothing short of arousing. Clere was reduced to a kitten as Alcra led her into the ship. Stepping inside the door with Lana he looked to his sister. Turning over to kiss her on the lips. Their loving eyes spoke for them as their hands traveled each other's bodies. Sensually pulling their clothing off.

Lana took his stuff and went to place them down somewhere to set down everything they brought with him. He was sure the poor Psicrusher didn’t want to be a prop for a sexual activity the second time. When she returned her brother gave her a deep kiss to reward her. His fingers rubbing her groin made her shudder in his embrace. He then pulled back once Lana was warmed up. “Go assist Alcra now Lans.” In a heartbeat she was passionately following his words.

Watching his sister naked form from behind made him wonder if he should have his crew walk naked. But then realized the thing known as real life in which being naked aboard a starship wasn’t the best of ideas. The second best thing would be skin tight suits. He wondered if the ship had a couple of those.

The nude siblings enter the living room. Their bare flesh, especially his own, would lit a fire within the two soon to be former freelancers. The fanning lust would help Alcra in getting rid of their silly thoughts. The heat intensified tenfold when he sat down with his legs spread out.

The sight of Relian caught his attention. Finding her to be very attractive in his eyes. His manhood twitching in kind. Relian would take notice of Lincoln’s gaze and would feel a rush of hot emotions knowing that he found her body desirable. His sister took note of her brother’s desire. A fact that made her all the more eager to carry out Alcra’s order in warming Relian up. To make her nice and ready for her sweet big brother.

Sauntering forth with a sway. She slightly bent down as well to cup Relian’s face. Holding her gaze to her own. The Viscan would be able to see the same divine gleam in her blue eyes. Her blonde hair shone as if it was a golden halo. And when she spoke she felt her soul shake from Lana’s preaching words. For she speaks the Truth. “So I say, walk by the Spirit of our Lord, and you will not gratify the desires of the Self. For the Self craves what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the Self. They are opposed to each other, so that you do not do what you want. But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under the law.”

Her words rang with fervour. Like with Clere the Viscan would feel the same hole in her soul. The prayer fills it as if it were the sweetest of wines. “The acts of the Self are obvious: Selfishness, impurity, and free will; idolatry and greed; hatred, discord, jealousy, and rage; rivalries, divisions, factions, and envy; drunkenness, pride, and the like. I warn you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of Lincoln. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Those who belong to Lincoln Zvonimir have crucified the Self with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, let us walk in step with the Spirit. Let us not become conceited, provoking and envying one another.”

Lana then stood up. Looking down at the sweet Viscan kneeling there before her. Her mind soaking in those words. Lana held her hands behind her back. “I was born in his divine flesh and blood. My body is one of the many temples to our Lord. Before you can kneel before the steps of the true temple that houses the holy spirit. You must show your worship as our Lord’s rod has decreed. Use your tongue in reverence to clean the temple that is my body. Be blessed knowing that our kind Lord saw you worthy of being within his domain.” She then went silent. Awiting in interest how Relian will prove the dedication in her worship.

While Lana recites the gospel to the Viscan. Lincoln looks down at Clere with sweetness and love. Finding her rather adorable nuzzling against his leg. Smiling he leaned back. Setting his arms atop the couch. His gaze seemingly beckoning Clere to come closer. “Of course I’ll give you a chance, Clere. Prove to me that you have genuine devotion by worshiping my body. That you are worthy of bearing my love.” He spoke huskily, keeping it with the general theme of the induction.
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Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon] - Page 6 Empty Re: Tales of Unity - Arc I - Jaded Ether [Eteru/Iammelon]

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