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Fox and the Merc [Rich/Iammelon] Empty Fox and the Merc [Rich/Iammelon]

Sun Jan 03, 2021 10:58 pm
Iammelon Context

Rovin kept up his demeanor despite the teasing the tail whapping, quite confident with how far he had gotten. Of course that confidence was augmented by other things as well with how close they were getting physically. He smirked back, "Not quite throwing a bone for such a big thing, is it? Less like pity and more like a reward. Good to know however that's not just it, and that I've grown on you properly. After all, I do like you for who you are too. Good to see that ain't just one way." The sheer closeness by now was quite tense in its own way, although he noted the glowing pink in her eyes. Perhaps that was something Athallian's did as a signal of their emotions. But he could guess what pink would've meant in such a system, given its apparently universal symbolism for immodest activities and thoughts. But while he was having fun with the teasing, even he couldn't keep it up forever, nor did he really want to by this point. A smile like hers crossed his lips, "Don't you worry yourself, I may not be the brightest bulb, but I'm not so rude as to decline such a polite invitation." With that, he finally closed the distance between their faces to have their lips meet. Rovin hoped this room was distant enough from Thatcher's cockpit, as he was sure the sounds would be somewhat uncomfortable to hear coming from his mother.


They were most assuredly down the hall from the cockpit, plus the doors could be individually sealed to prevent the spread of fire. The only noise coming out of those doors was the reassuring sound of hydraulics as they shut tight. So Thatch's innocence won't be tainted anymore than it already seemed to be with his earlier incites about the two while he ferries the pair of them back to Stran’s planet. Though really, that would be a blessing in disguise seeing as the pair didn't have to worry about Thatch being freaked out by their newfound closeness once the 'deed' was already unfolding in the manner of manifesting tails slowly peeling Piper's cheeky savior out of his comfy attire. A low purr filling her throat as his words certainly land him on her good side “Well… A reward does sound like it would be better… How can I say no when you sweet talk me this much~?

Slow at first, Piper earnestly met Rovin's lips with passion. The soft caress of them distracting from the simmering pink colours that started to swallow up the other colours of her iris with her ever growing passion, and the chipping away at the locks that remained over her heart. Not replacing her first love but allowing herself to feel for someone again, warming to the idea of letting Rivin in with his admittance that he saw her in a similar light.

Rovin was pretty sharp to figure out that little quirk of Athailian biology, since normally they lack mouths without adapting. Emotions would be told through the colours visible in their eyes with more being told through body movements while they would talk in more plain sounding tone, though with their preference for adapting to humanoid species they get to really test out their vocal ranges with using all sorts of alluring or excited pitches when around their chosen mate.

Once her tails had tentatively stripped her mercenary companion of his comfortable clothes during their lip locking session, feeling her tongue rolling and pressing against his own while her body heat started to rise, getting goosebumps feeling her heart pound harder in her chest. It was all getting rather real for her, but she wasn’t about to get scared now. Not when she met someone who she actually felt a connection to... Piper comes back up for air first purely because she knows that she could be there longer than he, the Athailian ability to survive in a vacuum plays rather well into rather… Intimate actions. For a moment she just stays there, gazing deeply into his eyes before the Fox sin nervously bit into her lip and lay down on her back, spreading her legs out show her pretty well established trust of Roin, exposing her everything to him now matter how much she wanted to cover up with the this encroaching feeling of embarrassment. Though she was all too happy to have him see her behave so happily nervous, one hand gripping the sheets beneath her while she stretched out the other one to beckon him. “Y-You better show me how grateful you are for that invitation then~ Okay..?” Piper looks up at him, pink coloured eyes while her tails lightly caress his body, lightly tugging on him.
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