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Eteru Zvonimir
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Living In The Light - Arc I [Eteru/Melon] Empty Living In The Light - Arc I [Eteru/Melon]

Mon Feb 08, 2021 10:53 pm
A pleasant warm breeze rolled over him. Softly rustling the leaves above him. A pleasant sigh escaped him as he shifted around in the hammock that he was laying in. Lounging in the soft sunbeams of the summer sun. He was wearing hand me down blue jeans and a crisp white shirt. This was nice, he mused. Even after so many years here he still found it to be paradise compared to his life before. Nothing ache, he’s not on a tight schedule, there was no looming sense of possible doom. While he still very much has personal issues. He came to learn how to relax. And if anything came to be reminded of just how precious this trivial moment in the sun is. It’s the reason he fought for so long, to protect people's memories of the sun.

He was in the backyard of the quaint orphanage. A rather uncommon sight on Valai. More so on other worlds for the foster care system is more modern. But there is always an exception to be found and this was one of them. He had his eyes closed but he can easily hear the chime-like voices of the children frolicking about. A very endearing sound. And he could guess the older children are inside doing chores. (He finished his chores for today).  A fitting representation of the social stature. Those outside were girls. They never stay for too long in the system till a couple comes by to take them to a forever home. Those inside on the other hand are the boys. Their age is a sign that no one really wants them. Which is generally why they were brought into the system in the first place.

For him he was in his late twenties. Normally if he was the opposite gender. When he hit eighteen he would have been expected to head out into the world to fulfill whatever dreams they have. The boys however are not so fortunate. They do generally leave. A lot of them don’t want to be reminded that they were unwanted all their lives so they try to head somewhere else. Himself on the other hand was content in staying here.

The Caretakers were kind enough to let him stay here. He has had a good relationship with them all his life. It was never a chore for him to help out around the place. Whether it means doing chores, aiding them with the children, and doing maintenance. His handyman nature did draw some suspicion over time. At times he seemed too worldly. That he has a whole lifetime of experience despite having a rather uneventful life. He brushes it off by expressing that he’s just well read. There’s a public library not far from here that he enjoys going. So far that excuse seem to have been a logical enough answer to accept.

It was harder to sell when they learn that he knows some manner of thaumaturgy. Many years back a child had gotten a serious cut on her leg. At that moment he didn’t care about his secrecy. Her life was a significantly more important priority. With no regret he healed her by mystic means. Leaving nothing behind, not even a scar. The nannies obviously questioned him afterwards. Again he used the power of the internet as an excuse. He said that he felt he had some innate power and had looked at stuff online at the library that could help him understand it. They accepted the answer, feeling mostly grateful that he used his gift for benevolent means.

To the surprise of no one. Even with that now known no one has ever wanted him. It doesn’t matter if he was a productive member to society. Nor does him possessing mystical feats entice them. His gender forever defines his place in Valorian society. A cold reality that he came to accept early on in his life. And to be happy with what he does have. A roof over his head. Clean clothing. A full stomach. And an amiable environment. Life was good for what it is. A soft smile spread across his face with that thought.
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