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Tue Feb 09, 2021 3:21 pm
I required an Internet location to post my various lewds and this is fitting enough for them. I will post my own pieces and commissioned pieces. If you wish for a commission, contact me in the Hoshi discord.
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Tue Feb 09, 2021 4:15 pm
Alix was beginning to question the wisdom of climbing this mountain, especially considering how heavy his pack was, but still he pressed on. A dragon had nested in the mountains, coming down to attack trade caravans and fly off with food and valuables, so Alix, being the big, brawny minotaur that he was, got hired to take care of it. It did not make climbing up the mountain any easier, since what paths that did exist were old and in disrepair, for obvious reasons. Still, as he reached the summit and heaved himself upright, he felt like he was on top of the world. Naturally, while he was admiring the view, he got slammed in the back and sent hurtling towards a flat portion of the mountain, just barely avoiding sliding off into the abyss below. He stood upright with a grunt and reached for his pack, groaning as it practically came apart in his hands.

He froze as he heard the wind whisper and frantically roamed his eyes around before alighting on a sight that made his blood chill. It was the dragon, crimson scales and belly encrusted with the plunder of its hoard, and in one of its front claws, his axe. It examined him for a long second with leering eyes, before it almost teasingly waved his axe at him and tossed it away with a dismissive flick. Alix swallowed roughly before snorting heavily and preparing himself, for without a weapon, there was only one way to defeat the dragon. He was weaker by far, but he had training and he could grapple with the best. The dragon tilted its head as he braced himself to charge it, before it decided to interrupt him and come swooping down.

Alix landed on his back, quickly rising and dodging a claw, but not before it tore his pants away. He would have ignored the embarrassment of fighting in his underwear had the dragon not paused at the sight and loudly hissed. Alix froze at the sound, but shook himself and prepared to keep fighting, before he found himself once again on his back and the dragon resting atop him. At the sight of its maw and its myriad of razor sharp teeth, he remained perfectly still while the dragon pressed itself against him and shifted a little. He jerked as a scaly hand found his cock and gripped it very tightly, before shivering as the dragon turned to look at him with a gleaming leer that left Alix feeling afraid. Of course, he felt a lot more afraid when the dragon whispered down at him, "Do not disappoint me.", before the dragon hefted him with ease and leapt off the ledge.

Following a brief minute of utter terror and desperate prayers while keeping his eyes shut tight, Alix found himself hurled atop a pile of metal and his eyes snapped open. Before him stretched a cave, the floor practically coated in gold coins, jewels and treasure, but he only had eyes for the red dragon...the red dragoness who was sprawled atop him. He could now tell due to the noticeably dripping slit in the hard scales of the dragoness that he could see even from his position, right before her claws tore away his underwear and found his cock. He had a brief moment to loudly exclaim his thanks to whatever god had decided to smile upon him, before the dragoness lowered herself onto him and his mind scrambled. His cock, flat headed and near thirty inches at full mast, stiffened in seconds as blood flooded it and the dragoness let out a loud hiss as it hardened inside of her. Alix, past the point of caring and deciding to do what the clearly aroused dragoness wanted, planted his firmly on her scaled hips and began to thrust deeper into her.

The dragoness growled and met his newfound enthusiasm by slamming her hips in time with his thrusts, clearly trying her hardest to milk his stud cock for all it was worth. Alix snorted hard and kept pounding her sopping cunt, the best he had ever been in since human women couldn't take him at full mast. Judging by the dragoness, panting hard and tongue wagging, she was finding him just the right fit. Alix knew he could go deeper though, as his cock found her womb and began battering her cervix, the speed and force enhanced by the slick, pulsing walls of her pussy. Alix realized he would not be able to reach it in his position, so he decided to switch things up for the both of them, suddenly flipping the two. The dragoness roared in irritation as she found herself face down in the pile of metal, cutting off with a wheeze as Alix planted his feet and gripped her tail, nice and thick, before he started pounding her into the pile with nice, long strokes.

His cock was smashing down the gates of her womb now and Alix could feel his balls churning with the biggest load he had ever had. The dragoness was damn near unconscious and seemed to be about to climax at any moment, so Alix began to thrust harder and faster to finish her off. When he felt his tip push through that ring of muscle to punch against her womb, he roared and came hard, cum drowning her cunt. The dragoness shuddered and roared, her cunt tightening to a vice grip on his cock and hot cum spurted out of her like a jet, yet her womb was filled to the brim with his seed. Alix stumbled back, cock sliding out of her with ease and drenched in cum, and fell to the floor, wheezing. The dragoness panted and wheezed atop the pile, her pussy slit nice and open, weeping cum, a fine sight for Alix to fall asleep to.
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Tue Feb 09, 2021 6:03 pm
Mildred sniffled loudly and tried to wipe away her tears, but with her hands bound, they were free to fall down her cheeks. The guards on either side of her did not say anything, but she could feel them glaring down at her in irritation. She did not care what they thought, all she cared about was that they were marching her to certain death. The town had heard that a monster was nearby and so they had decided to appease it by offering a sacrifice. Mildred had no one to speak for her, being just another mouth to feed, an orphan who lived on the streets. They had bound her hands, pointed their spears at her back and told her to start walking.

When at last they arrived before the mouth of the cave where the monster supposedly was, the guards shoved towards it and began to back away. Mildred thought, half insanely, to try and run, but the guards would cut her down and hurl her corpse into the cave all the same. She put one foot in front of the other, bare feet used to the hard cobble of the street finding the cool stone of the cave much the same. As the light from the mouth of the cave dimmed, the darkness closed in around her and the sounds of the outside world faded away. All she could hear was her shaky breathing and stifled sobs as she kept walking until she either found that there were no monsters here or she found her doom. She kept walking, until she heard a faint slithering sound beneath her breathing and sobbing and she froze in terror before she took a step back at the sight of two glowing eyes in front of her.

She nearly let out a scream before the eyes glowed brighter and it died in her throat, cut off as the eyes danced in her sight. They grew closer, more hypnotic and Mildred found that she could not look away from them, could not move even as she felt warm scales slithering over her body and trapping her arms and legs together. She felt hands come against her cheeks and gently move her up to stare deeper into glowing eyes that made Mildred's fear drain away to nothing. A voice, soft and gentle like that of an angel, crooning and kind like the mother Mildred had never known, "My darling, have you come all this way just to see me?". The voice sounded so nice and happy, all Mildred could do was giggle shakily and hesitantly say, "I wouldn't have if they hadn't made me.". The angel, because what else could she be, shifted at this and asked, with a voice still as beautiful and kind but now with an edge to it, "My darling, what ever do you mean?".

Mildred's thoughts were a little foggy but she still replied, quiet and a little afraid of disappointing the angel, "Well, miss angel, they...they heard a monster was nearby and they decided that, well, a sacrifice would appease it, so they p-picked me.". The angel was utterly silent and still, even as Mildred hiccuped and nearly sobbed from the resurgent fear and grief, before the angel's eyes intensified again and all of it fell away. Mildred wanted to wipe away her tears and found her arms could not move, before a scaly tail came up to wipe them away and she giggled at the feeling. She continued, "They tried to drop me off for the monster, but they must have made a mistake, miss angel, since I found you!". The warm scales fell away and Mildred was confused for a moment, before a pair of arms wrapped themselves around her and Mildred found herself in a tight hug. Mildred blinked as the fog that had set in her mind cleared away and she stiffened in fear, before a soft voice whispered in her ear, still as kind as it was during the haze, "My darling, I am no angel, but I promise to you. I am no monster and you need not fear me, ever. I will never hurt you, my sweet.". Mildred felt more tears running down her cheeks, but they were different this time, somehow, as she hugged the angel back tightly.

(The Lewds will come, but not yet.)
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Sun Feb 28, 2021 8:50 pm
It took an odd man to be the consort and husband of the Queen of Hell. The sort of man who would willingly overlook all the connotations that "Queen of Hell" evokes. That, or a very lustful man. Now, Gable was like any good Vulstrian, strong, masculine and dutiful. Mornan, on the other hand, wielded her feminine wiles like a dagger, seductive, mysterious and oh-so enticing. But as Gable had learned from years of experience, women were like old locks. A few deft flicks of your fingers and the lock springs open. Or, more accurately in his case, the women shudder and quiver at the mind-numbing orgasms his fingers twisting this way and that in their pussies give them. Never did he more find this accurate than right now.

Mornan was panting into Gable's neck, when she wasn't kissing and biting it, as his fingers danced and twisted inside her, thumb mashing at her swollen clit. Juices ran down her thighs and Gable's breaches had become tight as both of them had grown steadily more aroused. Gable began to up the tempo, putting in three fingers instead of two and going wild with his thumb, all while his other hand reached up and gently pulled Mornan's ponytail back. Her face was flushed, eyes lidded at the pleasure and her mouth was beginning to drool slightly. She keened at the hair pulling, only to slurp as Gable attacked her mouth with his tongue, her tongue rising to coil and writhe around it. It was the hair pulling and kissing that did her in, wailing into his mouth as she came undone on his fingers and writhed in his arms, juices squirting onto the floor. As she came down from her orgasm, she saw Gable idly lick his fingers clean of her juices, languidly smirking, "Finally relaxed, dear?". Mornan mock-scowled playfully, before she dropped from his arms suddenly, causing Gable to move forward to catch her, only to stop dead at what she was doing. Mornan deftly unbuckled his pants and flushed out his erect cock, breathing in his musk as she let it rest on face, and smiled sinfully. Gable's eyes widened, then he groaned out, "Great Merna, I love this woman.", and sighed happily as she took the tip of his cock through her lips and began to mash and writhe her tongue against it.

Gable grunted and bucked his hips, Mornan's eyes widening before she smirked, as much as she could with the tip of his throbbing cock in her mouth. Humming, her hands reached up and grabbed hold of his butt, pulling him closer to her and pushing his cock further and deeper into her wet, writhing mouth. Gable heartily obliged, pressing closer and beginning to more steadily buck his hips as she began to move her head back and forth, massaging his cock with her tongue as it thrusted in and out of her tight lips and mouth. But there was only so long a man could last and Gable quickly reached his limits, gently gripping Mornan's hair and pulling her closer. Mornan's eyes snapped to his, before she pushed her head forward and fully took his cock in her mouth and down her throat, Gable gasping at the sensation before he came. His head snapped back at the pleasure as his cock shot thick ropes of cum down her throat, her throat visibly gulping it down even as his eyes rolled up into his head and fluttered madly. As he came down, he gently untangled his hands from her head and pulled back, Mornan releasing his spent cock with a pop. She leaned in and began licking up and down to clean it of any remaining cum, before giving it a kiss on the head and pulled back with a smile. Gable stared down at her and breathlessly said, "You are going to kill me, dear.". Mornan smirked up at him.

Almer walked into Inetsia's office, brimming with confidence and good cheer, calling out as he did. "Inetsia, my friend, where ever have you been?". Inetsia huffed at him, eyes looking up from a stack of paperwork, and smirked. "Leading a country, something I am sure you are familiar with.". Almer laughed and took a seat across from her, her desk separating them. "You get bolder every time, Inetsia. I am glad of it, never could stand on formality.". She raised an eyebrow and drawled, "That explains much, Almer.". Almer blinked and waved a single finger at her, "Inetsia...how dare y-", only to let out a bellyful of laughter while Inetsia chuckled and shook her head, speaking softly,"I trust you have a reason to be here other than my company.". Almer smirked and revealed, with a flourish, a bottle of the finest Vulstrian wine. Inetsia eyed it blankly and deadpanned, "You know I do not drink, Almer.", to which Almer coughed into his hand and rubbed the back of his head. "I know that, my dear.", Inetsia's breathing hitched a little, not that Almer noticed, "But my other gift was misplaced by a soon-to-reassigned ensign and this was the second finest gift I had.". Inetsia raised an eyebrow, "Really now?". Almer sighed and leaned forward to retrieve the wine, only for Inetsia to grab hold of it and smirk at him, "One glass, Almer, together.". Almer blinked, then smiled jovially, "My, your company and a drink of wine. People will begin to talk.". Inetsia's only response was to stand and pull out two glasses from a cabinet behind her desk, as well as hide her blush from Almer.

When Almer pulled out the bottle of Vulstrian wine, he did, in fact, pull out the bottle of the best Vulstrian wine, meant for Vulstrians. Inetsia, a non-Vulstrian, was buzzed by the time she reached half of her glass and by the end of it, she was fairly intoxicated. Almer was a Vulstrian, but even he had been hit harder by the wine. As they drank, they steadily grew more relaxed and comfortable, Inetsia even going as far as to move from her desk to a chair next to Almer's. In the pleasant haze of drunken companionship, they laughed and made merry, jostling with one another and leaving spots of warmth where the other's hands touched. Close to night, Inetsia was close to flat out drunk and Almer, a spot of reason shining through the drunken fog in his mind, stood to take her wine, only for Inetsia to refuse, "Noooo, I'm fine, Almy, I swear.". Almer blinked and steadied himself, "Inetsia, if I am drunk, you're defini-, definit-, you're drunk, dear!". Inetsia mumbled something and looked down, causing Almer to lean forward, "What?", only for Inetsia to look up, flushed and blushing, "Why do you keep calling me dear?". Almer blinked, breathed in and mumbled as he stood over her as she sat in her chair, "Because you're dear to me, Inetsia, you're great and I like you.". Inetsia stood up suddenly and nearly stumbled only for Almer to catch her. Almer sighed as he did but froze at her next words, mumbled into his chest, "Like more than like?". Almer looked down into Inetsia's glittering eyes and swallows dryly, hesitantly stating, "Maybe, do you...?". Inetsia nodded slowly, before her eyes closed and she moved her head up, Almer's breathing quickening, before her lips met his. The moment lasted for all of what seemed to be eternity, then Almer held her more tightly and kissed her fervently back.

Inetsia's hands flew up to his face, cradling it as their tongues clashed and writhed around each other, lips dancing over each other as they nipped, sucked and smashed lips together. Almer tilted back onto Inetsia's desk, upsetting and knocking over a stack of paperwork as his back fell onto the desk, Inetsia atop him and feverishly kissing him back. This went on, a tug of war, until Inetsia pulled back and began undoing her top, Almer blinking at the sight before he began to clumsily unbuckle his belt. Inetsia threw her top to the side and began undoing Almer's shirt, exposing his muscular chest and abs, while Almer began to work at her pants. Slowly, surely, they had divulged themselves of their garments until Inetsia, naked as the day she was born, straddled Almer's hips, his cock resting against her pubic mound and getting soaked by her juices. Inetsia planted her hands on his chest and huffed as she lifted herself, while Almer put a hand on her hip and aligned his cock, right before she slammed herself down onto him and hilted it in one go. Almer's back arced at the sudden sensation, pushing his cock deeper into Inetsia, whose head had snapped back and whose mouth had opened into a silent scream of ecstasy. Inetsia laid down upon Almer's chest, cock still buried deep within her tight snatch, and panted.

Almer huffed steadily, before poking his head up as his free hand lifted Inetsia's face. He gently kissed her, then muttered, "We aren't done yet, my dear.". Inetsia whimpered and her pussy tightened around Almer's cock, causing him to shudder, before he smirked. He pushed Inetsia into a sitting position, placed his hands on her hips and began to thrust, gently at first but with increasing enthusiasm and speed, into her. Inetsia panted and began to meet his thrusts, soon matching his thrusts and truly riding him. Inetsia leaned down and kissed him deeply while he continued to pound her dripping snatch, Almer moaning into her mouth and breathing out, "So close, so close, Inny, I'm almost there.". Inetsia, panting and drooling slightly, looked down at him and with a gentle smile, softly said, "Bleach my womb white, Almy, I want your seed inside me.". Almer's eyes widened, before he began to feverishly thrust faster and harder, Inetsia's pants turning into deep gasps of pleasure, before he felt himself come undone. His ears rang and his vision turned white as his eyes snapped shut at the sensation, Inetsia wailing as she shook to pieces on his cock as it fired thick rope after thick rope deep into her womb, painting it white, just like she wanted. Almer breathed heavily as Inetsia finally settled on his chest, breasts pressing against his abs. She looked up with lidded eyes and kissed him gently and softly, muttering into his mouth, "I love you, Almer.". Almer sighed in pleasure into her kiss, "I love you too, Inetsia."

Almer considered himself a relatively decent man. By most measures, he was an able leader, dedicated soldier and kind gentleman. He was also a man who had...needs that required satisfaction, especially his more unorthodox desires. Sadly, he never really got to explore those desires, especially since he never really had much success with those of the other sex. Most wouldn't believe that, but it was the honest truth. But, it was amazing how far one could go if drunk.

The sun was shining, the birds were singing and Katona was moaning into Almer's mouth as he pinned her against a tree and ravaged her mouth with his tongue, hands gently trailing over and groping at her large, pale breasts. Katona whined slightly as Almer pulled out of the kiss, before she gasped in shock as he lifted her shirt with his hands and began to softly lick and nip at her, trailing down from her neck to her heaving bosom. Katona flushed and moaned out, "Oh God, Almer, keep going, don't stop, don-", breaking off with a hiss of pleasure as Almer gently bit her nipple. She trembled in his grasp, shuddering against the tree and his body as she rode out her orgasm, juices dripping onto the ground like rain. Katona slumped against Almer and panted, before she breathed out, "Wait, Almer.". Almer blinked down at her, before she went to her knees before him and softly whispered up to him, "Lay down, Almer, I want to try something.". Almer swallowed heavily and did as he was bid.

Almer laid on the grass, even as Katona placed her breasts on either side of his straining cock and smiled up at him before she gently licked the tip, her tongue scooping up the drop of precum and swallowing it with a sigh. Almer's hips bucked and she giggled, before she began massaging his cock with her tits and began to suck and swirl her tongue around the tip of his cock poking out from her tits. Almer whimpered at the sensation, groaning out his pleasure as he laid there and took it. His panting grew quicker and heavier as Katona began to stroke furiously and swirl her tongue up and down his tip faster and faster. Almer's mouth opened to warn Katona, but his words died in his throat as he gasped. Katona's eyes widened, before Almer's hip bucked and his cock spouted a thick shot of cum into her mouth. Katona moaned and reared her head back, the rest of his cum falling on her breasts and making them glisten in the sun. Almer gasped into the air, before he looked up and murmured, "Katona?". Katona dragged a finger across her breasts, scooping up his seed, before she put the finger in her mouth and licked it clean. She smiled down at him then, covered in his seed and her nude, pale body on full display, and Almer could only smile back.

Officially, President Katona and Kasri Almer were sitting in a nice, respectable restaurant on Dalmat, discussing minute details of a treaty that they were working over and generally enjoying each other's company. Unofficially, their doubles were at the restaurant and Almer and Katona were actually within a conference room discussing the treaty in greater detail. Now, the unofficial statement was generally correct, Almer and Katona had gone over the treaty. They had just left out some critical details which would never be put into any report, Confederate or Coalition.

Namely, the way that Katona drooled onto a desk as Almer bent her over said desk and pounded into her from behind. Her breasts were pressed against the hard wood as Almer's cock bottomed out in her pussy and rammed at her g-spot, before he pulled her up and began to play with her breasts even as he sucked and nipped at her neck. Katona's mind bent under the unending influx of pleasure, as her tongue hanged out of her mouth and drool flew onto her breasts, even as Almer continued to pound her, lifting her entire body with the force of the thrusts of his cock up her snatch. Katona mumbled nonsensically, between a prayer and begging Almer to keep fucking her. Almer obliged her and, amazingly, went harder and faster as if filled with a new well of untapped energy and sexual power. Katona, in that moment, lost her mind and screamed at the sheer, visceral pleasure coursing through her, the sheer warmth emanating from her bruised and satisfied womanhood and her pussy tightened like a steel trap on Almer's cock. Almer had a moment to gape, before his eyes snapped shut at the sensation and his cock engorged and spouted off like a volcano, a tide of cum drenching Katona's pussy and womb and overflowing, spilling out of her and drenching the floor with Almer's seed and her juices. They panted into the air, Katona still impaled on Almer's cock, before Almer gently pulled out of her, Katona whining as he did, and fell to the ground in exhaustion. Katona sprawled over the desk and panted, her exposed pussy still leaking with his cum to drip onto the floor. Almer blearily looked up and smiled at the sight, before he laid his head back down and sighed in exhausted pleasure.

Nia groaned in her head as yet another stack of paperwork found its way to her desk. As ever, her stoic face never faltered as she finished up the previous stack and dove into the newest as if she was still fresh and had not gone hours without a break. An alarm rang out on her personal computer and she glanced to it with concealed irritation, but her eyes snapped fully to it as she saw what it was for. She briefly allowed a calm, collected smile to cross her face, before she stood and called out to her secretary as she began to walk out of her office, "Cadet, there is a special meeting I am to attend. Clear out my afternoon schedule and inform Minister Ira of this development.". Her secretary nodded with a quiet, "Yes, Madam.". Nia took a brief moment to admire the young woman for her dedication, and other attributes, before she began to calmly walk to the conference room set aside for just these kinds of urgent and special meetings. As she entered, she raised an elegantly and perfectly trimmed eyebrow at the only other occupant of the room. Rather underwhelmingly dressed, given his usual outfit, Kasri Almer Vulinov chuckled at her expression and stood from his seat, warmly saying with a smile, "Hello, Nia, how has life been treating you?". Nia allowed a controlled smirk, measuredly stating, "Better now that you are here, Almer. For the record, this meeting is to be off the record.". Almer's eyes darkened and became lidded, as he softly stated, "Is that so?", and smiled.

Nia could not exactly recall what made her decide to let her usual barriers and facades down around Almer. Perhaps it was his overly exuberant nature, his gregariousness a sun to her collected moon. It was not really the time for thinking, given how Almer had pinned her against the wall with his fingers twisting and writhing deep in her push and was muttering such awful, filthy, wonderful things to her. He breathed onto her as he watched her mewl and shudder at the motions of his fingers, lowly muttering into her ear between breathy sighs. "Look at you, not even a minute, and you're begging for me to let you cum. Come on, you can do better than that.". Nia whined and struggled to hold on against the onslaught of sensation pounding away at her mind, but he was already past her barriers, past her defenses and now, she could do nothing but beg for mercy. "Please, please, please, Almer, let me cum, let me cum, please, plea-". She gasped as he seized her head with his free hand and dragged her into a smoldering, deep kiss, moaning into his mouth as his tongue explored hers. He pulled back and, with lidded eyes, softly muttered, "You're a good girl, aren't you, Nia? Good girls get to cum, are you a good girl?". Nia groaned and slurred, "I'm a...good 'irl". Almer sighed and whispered into her ear, "Then come for me, Nia.", and Nia did as she ordered. She wailed into his chest as her body was flooded with pleasure and her pussy tightened and constricted on his fingers like a vise. She trembled and shuddered into him, as her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she drooled onto him. Finally, she came down to see him holding his absolutely drenched hand before her and, eyes fluttering, she licked each and every finger clean. She moaned as he put a hand on her head and whispered to her, "You are my good girl, Nia, the best girl.". Nia allowed herself the feeling of safety, of contentment, of not having to be in control, and leaned into his hand with a sigh of relieved pleasure.

Captain Hreithrfasst did not know really what to expect. A casual meeting, for certain, but she, Dahla, had been throwing him some signals that he was not so sure about. The lights in her room were dim and seemed to somehow make it stand out more, even as she turned to him and took a seat next to a small table, lips perked upwards as he followed her example and took a seat. The air seemed to be heavy with something, he could not really tell, but it was making him sweat a little and shift in his seat. His eyes suddenly snapped to Dahla as she, almost casually, removed the top part of her armored suit, exposing a tank top holding large, dusky....no, no, he is a professional damnit, even if this meeting had become far more casual than he had previously anticipated.

Still, he licked his lips and tried to keep his eyes from glancing to her chest, though he swore he could see her smirking every time he did. He coughed and muttered, "Ah, Captain Gable, a bit too casual, don't you think?". Dahla raised an eyebrow even as he tried to avoid staring at her too much and leaned forward, breasts heaving with the motion, sensually whispering, "That suit was a bit much for my room, given how hot it was, Captain. I am sure you can agree. You can remove your coat to be more comfortable, I won't judge.". He cursed in his head, but did as she recommended, awkwardly removing his coat and exposing more of his body than he would have liked to a colleague. His flushed checks reddened further when he saw Dahla openly checking him out and he ducked his head when she went from smirking to grinning.

She stood and passed him, her large, wide hips swaying from side to side as she went over a side of the room and began to rummage around for something, noticeably bending over and letting her suddenly tight uniform pants stretch and trace her ample rear, causing Hreithrfasst to gulp and avert his eyes, his breathing beginning to quicken as the air became all the more heavier. He looked up, only to blink as he saw that Dahla was towering over him, looking down at him with concern and, something else. He openly gaped up at her, before he tried to stand, to do what, he didn't know, only for her hand to fall to his shoulder and gently push him back down without much effort.

She smiled down at him then, then softly murmured, "Are you okay, Hreithrfasst? You seem to be breathing a bit hard there.". He swallowed and stuttered out, "Ca-captain Gable, this is not-", only to be silence by a single dusky finger on his lips. It dragged over them and he shuddered, even as he heard her whisper to him, "I have been alone for a long time, and so have you. We do not need to be alone when we can have each other.". Hreithrfasst's eyes widened before he stood, to flee or what, he didn't know. What he did know was that he froze as soon as he stood up by Dahla's lips crashing into his.

The air became thick and drowned him, even as he gasped into her mouth as her tongue explored hers. He half-heartedly struggled, eyes glazing over, before he just...let her have her way with his mouth. Her arms came up and hugged him close to her, his chin just barely reaching the top of her breasts, her eyes glowing with triumph even as they became lidded with joy as he submitted to her. A hand came up and gently grabbed his hair, pulling his mouth from her and letting him pant up at her as drool dripped from his open mouth. She smirked down at him and murmured, "We are not done yet, Captain."

The movement was a blur in his mind, he simply couldn't figure out what had happened after she had taken him like that. He came to on her bed, naked, and he stared up at her as she straddled his hips and soaked his crotch in her juices. He could see his cock, swollen and already dripping precum, resting on her pubic mound and being gently rubbed by a hand as she smiled down at him. Hreithrfasst opened his mouth, only to groan as the pleasure suddenly hit him and his eyes danced madly. He came back down to find her face directly over his, staring down at him at him with open lust. He moaned and she smiled, before her eyes closed and she kissed him deeply, licking and writhing her tongue against his, even as she moved the hand not softly, gently rubbing his cock to pin his own hands against the pillows above his heads.

Her breasts mashed against his chest as she held him down, any struggles he have simply overwhelmed. She broke the kiss and moaned into his ear, "You are mine, Hreithrfasst, my little boy playing at captain. Don't be scared, I'll treat you so good you'll be begging to be mine.". Before Hreithrfasst could give voice to the few objections he had with this new state of affairs, her burning hot pussy engulfed his cock in a single go, hitting itself deep within her and causing both to cry out in sheer, mindless pleasure. Hreithrfasst could only roll his head to the side and let the drool leak out of his mouth, even as his cock twitched and exploded within Dahla, painting her insides white.

He could barely see Dahla, her body shuddering and her face hissing out at the pleasure coursing through. Her eyes snapped open and his mind caught on the two glowing, molten brass hearts now filling them. She shuddered again, before she snarled and lifted her hips and slammed them back down, Hreithrfasst's own hips bucking at the sensation as his back arched. She began to pound away at him, even as she leaned over him, breasts mashed into his chest, and hissed at him, "Give me more, I need more! I'm going to milk you until your balls are dry as deserts! You're going to keep exploding inside me! MORE!"

His mind broke before his body did, the constant surges of pleasure and the sharp snaps of pain from his bruised hips overwhelming him and making his mind lose itself in a storm of pleasure and pain. Dahla just kept going, doing as she said she would and milking him, riding him until his cock simply couldn't go any further. She finally came down from her trance and lifted her hips from his with a groan, his much used and abused cock sliding out of her and landing on his abdomen, coating it in her juices and his cum. She fell to his side and held him against her, utterly exhausted. Hreithrfasst came down from his pleasure enough to whisper to her softly, "I-I-I lo-love you.", before he passed out from exhaustion. Before he fully did however, he could briefly see Dahla's face twitch and break out into an open, honest smile as she cuddled and pulled him closer, murmuring into his ear, "I love you too, Hreithrfasst. You're mine now.".

Paperwork was the bane of Almer's existence. If he wasn't dealing with paperwork regarding something boring, it was because he was dealing with paperwork regarding something horrifying and dangerous. It was also a great source of stress and generally made him frustrated at it all. Thankfully, he had some ways to relieve his stress and frustration.

Almer sat at his desk, doing paperwork once more, only to shudder and nearly drop a stack. He leaned back in his chair slightly and whispered down towards his crotch, "Arned preserve me, you've been practicing or something". Katona, on her knees and with a hand buried in her pants fingering her snatch, released his cock from her wet, tight mouth and cooed, licking it with extreme pleasure. Almer breathed in deeply, the musk of her arousal and his precum smelling like a fine perfume, before he growled down at her and gently gripped her hair. Katona had a moment to moan, before his cock filled her mouth and her tight throat, neck visibly bulging at his thick girth.

Her eyes rolled back into her head even as her fingers danced inside her pussy. Almer moaned lowly, twitching as his cock exploded in her mouth and flooded her stomach with his cum. He gently pulled out, Katona staring up at him completely cum drunk. He brought her face closer to his cock and with another hand, gently rubbed it to squeeze out a few more shots onto her face. She moaned and began to lick his cock even as he sighed and leaned back into his chair, patting her head and muttering, "Good girl.", as his eyes closed in contentment.

Almer could not exactly recall why Katona wanted him to slowly undress her, but he began to see why he wanted to do so. She was sitting in a comfortable chair, breathing softly, as he knelt before her and gently removed her shoes, some new fashion in the Coalition he believed, kissing along her shapely legs as he did, feeling her tremble on his lips as he did. He then removed her socks, gently massaging her feet as he pulled them off and cast them off to the side. Next, he firmly pulled her up and held her, swaying with her as he breathed into her hair as his chest pressed into her back. She giggled, before she bit her lip as he began to kiss her neck as he slowly removed her shirt, exposing her tan breasts held in by a lacy black bra. She moaned lowly as his hands roamed over, but did not grasp, her breasts. He pulled back a little and spun her around, her breasts pressing against his chest, before he began to undo her skirt, sinking downward as he lowered it, kissing her belly when his face lowered enough. She giggled at him, a wet spot growing in her black lingerie and a flush growing on her face.

He rose and kissed her softly, then more pressingly, holding her against him as he explored her mouth and made her moan into his. He deftly unclasped her bra and threw it aside, before he took a breast in one hand and suckled and nipped upon her nipple. She groaned at the anticipated pleasure, before inhaling sharply as a hand slipped past her lingerie and gently tapped and twirled about her clit and slit, rubbing here and there to get the juices flowing. She breathed shakily, before she gently took Almer's face in her hands and pulled him from her breasts, softly whispering, "Come on, Almer, I have a treat for you.".

Almer groaned loudly, as Katona's tongue swirled and writhed around his cock as it thrusted in and out of her dark red lips. The shaft of his cock was engulfed between her two tan tits, hands on either breast to press them together and milk his dick. Almer began to pant, as Katona began going faster and faster, before he howled and thrusted deeply into her mouth, cum erupting from his cock and bubbling from her mouth mixed with spit. He gently pulled out of her mouth, firing one last shot onto her chest and face as he did, before he fell on his ass and groaned. Almer breathed heavily, before he perked up and saw Katona staring down at him, playing with her cumstained tits with one hand and the other shoved down her panties playing with her cunt, a bright smile on her face.

Almer grunted and groaned, thrusting up into Katona as she rode him fast and hard. She gasped as he lightly spanked and fondled her rear, before she grinned and began to furiously fuck him harder. Almer moaned at the sensation, her tight cunt rippling around his thick cock jackhammering into her pussy. He breathed in hard, before he suddenly wrapped his arms around her above the waist and pulled her closer to him as he began to rapidly pound her dripping snatch. Katona screamed at the pleasure, mouth open and tongue dripping drool as it hanged out of her mouth like a bitch in heat panting. Almer pulled his cock nearly all the way out and with a roar, slammed it back in, burying it to the hilt and ramming its tip just into her womb. Katona's eyes widened, then rolled back into her skull as she gurgled against Almer's heaving chest. The force of his cum made it splatter out of her cunt, drenching her crotch and his with cum and juice. Almer's eyes twitched, before he passed out from sheer pleasure, and Katona wordlessly moaned and drooled onto his chest.

Dahla could not really recall why she had decided to drag Hreithr to her room and give him the ride of his life. It had been an impulsive decision, which Dahla usually disapproved of. She ruled her desires, her desires did not rule her. Still, it had worked out surprisingly well for a decision that had been made within a second of thought. Her little man had such a gruff and tough exterior, but get him pinned beneath her while she milked his cock with her tight pussy? Nothing like having a man melt into you and moan into your mouth as he drowns your womb in his warm, sticky cum. Merna, the first time, poor boy had been so backed up, she was so filled up it was seeping from her slit for the rest of the day. But the *warmth*, that sweet, throbbing warmth in her core was to die for, the best she had ever felt. Sore in all the right places and radiating heat. But, never let it be said that Dahla never tried to aim higher than perfection.

He was stuttering, the sight of her nude form enough to drive him to babbling. It was sweet, really, and it only proved that she had picked the right man. She never could have accepted being some bottom, just some fuck toy. But Hreithr, he let her have control, he always submitted. Such a good boy deserves a real *treat*. Dahla moved, her arms sweeping around Hreithr and pulling him close, burying his face into her generous breasts. She let him soak in her musk for awhile before she gently took his face and kissed him deeply, tongue sliding into his mouth and ravaging it, twisting and curling around his tongue. There it was, that delicious moaning, that bright flush and glazed eyes. She led him to her bed and laid him down, smirking at his quickened breathing as she laid over top him, smothering his body in her warmth. His face barely topped her breasts, his mouth gaping up at her, before she sat up and wrapped a smooth, silky hand around his cock.

His hips bucked and he let out a whimper, but Dahla did not put him inside her dripping slit. She gently rubbed his engorged, swollen cock on her slit, coating it in her juices and smearing her clit with his precum. She smiled down at him, "Until your cock is inside me, you do not get to cum.". He whimpered and writhed beneath, begging wordlessly, only to stop at a light slap to his cheek. Dahla leaned over him and whispered down to him, "You cum, when I say you cum. Understand me?". Hreithr nodded jerkily, face reddening at the strain of not letting go and painting her pubic mound white. Dahla began to jerk his cock harder and faster, hand smearing with his precum and her own juices. Hreithr moaned, but held himself, even as his eyes fluttered and nearly rolled up into his head. Dahla's pussy flooded at the sight of him, begging for release, and her eyes snapped shut before opening, revealing burning brass hearts. She smiled sweetly down at Hreithr, before, without a word, she lifted her hips, smoothly aligned his cock with her entrance, and slammed herself down, hilted in an instant and speared by his swollen shaft. Hreithr's eyes widened, before they rolled up into his head as he screamed and released himself. Dahla's head slowly lifted to face the ceiling, eyes fluttering as she felt his cock splatter her insides with his warm, sticky spunk. She bit her lip, before she fell onto his chest and locked lips with Hreithr, drool slurping from their mouths as they moaned into each other. A river of white cum flowed down his shaft, still impaling Dahla and penetrating her womb. She shakily reach a hand down and rubbed a single finger, bringing it to her mouth and licking it clean, huskily moaning to Hreithr, "Good boy, such a good *fucking* boy."

Dahla watched him, idly correcting his stance here and there, before nodding and stepping back with a soft smile. Hreithr breathed before he squeezed the trigger, snapping off a round. The gun bucked in his hands, but the bullet hit center mass of the target. He laughed and lowered the rifle to a stand, Dahla coming up beside him as the target moved to display itself before them. He winced and lightly rubbed his shoulder, a growing bruise marking him, before he felt Dahla's hand come up and gently rub it.

He glanced to her, only to swallow at the sight of loving pride in her eyes. She leaned on him, towering over him even then, whispering down to him, "You have gotten better, honey. You get a treat.", and smirked down at him. Hreithr swallowed and shuffled his feet, before he looked at her and hesitantly said, "Ah, Dahla, I'm a bit...bruised up. Can we not....", and ducked his head. He felt a hand grip his chin and force his head up, mouth opening and shutting at the sight of Dahla's scowl. She stared down at him before she lowly said, "Of course we can. I may be on top in the bedroom, but we are partners in this relationship and that means you can tell me no sometimes. I am not your master and you are not my slave.". Hreithr trembled with an unidentifiable, warm feeling, which grew as Dahla gently kissed him and whispered, "I am your sun and you are my moon.". Hreithr swallowed, "Yes, yes. Dahla, could we cook?". He could only blink at the sudden flash of panic on her face.

Hreithr stared in abject bewilderment at the scene before his eyes. Dahla was coated in flour and eggs, frowning tremendously. Hreithr coughed once, twice before he began to laugh hysterically. Dahla stared at him with an unidentifiable emotion, before a tear appeared in one of her eyes as she looked down in embarrassed shame. She stiffened when she felt Hreithr's arms encircle her, even as he did his best to press his entire body into her. He was babbling, "I am so sorry, honey. I didn't know this mattered so much to you!", and seemed pretty close to tears himself as he stuttered over himself and his apologies. Dahla stared down at him in astonishment, before she let out a choked laugh and then a full on laugh. Hreithr froze, staring up at her, as she put a single hand on his head and smiled gently down at him, "It was pretty funny, dear.". Hreithr let out a half-cough, half-laugh, "Honey, you need to take a shower, you're covered in grime.". Dahla leaned her head back, before a grin grew across her face as she whispered to him, "Why don't you join me?". She nearly giggled at the way his head nodded so fast. A wonder his head didn't fall off.

Hreithr warily eyed Dahla, before he swallowed and threw a punch, aiming for her gut, only for a hand to grab onto his wrist and twisted. As he was manhandled and slammed into the mat, he idly debated whether or not deciding to join Dahla's training sessions was a very good idea. His chest heaved as his body did its best to give him the air he needed, Dahla standing over him and smirking, "I have to say, making you pant like this is a close second to making you pant in bed.". Hreithr wheezed, sitting up and staring up at Dahla with amused exhaustion, "I prefer....the first one.". Dahla softly smiled, before nodding with closed eyes, "Yeah, me too.", before she grinned down at him, "Still enjoyable, though.". Hreithr got to his feet with a push of his hands, showing Dahla his back, and gruffly said, "You enjoy this too much, dear.", only to pause as Dahla came up from behind and hugged him, gently holding him and rocking with him.

She breathed, the air curling over his skin and making him shudder, whispering into his ear huskily, "You know what I enjoy more, captain...", before she gently nipped his ear. Hreithr blushed and coughed to the side, before he leaned into her and held the arms holding him, muttering lowly, "Yes, yes, I do, ma'am. Another disciplinary hearing?". Dahla closed her eyes, breathed deeply and smirked, "Yes, captain, in my private quarters as well. You are in such desperate need to be disciplined, aren't you?". Hreithr swallowed and nodded shakily, before he simply closed his eyes and breathed in her musk as she gently held him there, content.

Dahla idly read a book in her quarters, before the hatch slid open and Hreithr stomped in with a scowl on his face. She blinked as he sat down and flopped onto his back on her bed with a huff. He opened his eyes to see Dahla staring down at him with an eyebrow raised and a smirk blazing on her face. He coughed and mumbled something, only to jerk as Dahla sat down next to him and patted his knees, softly saying, "What happened?". Hreithr looked away and pouted at the wall, only to gasp as Dahla yanked him up. He blinked up at her, as her hand rested on his forehead and scalp and she whispered, "What happened, my love?". Hreithr breathed shakily, even as Dahla's other arm came to rest on his side and drew him closer to her, and muttered, "There might be a chance I get reassign-", only to fall silent as Dahla leaned down and furiously hissed, "What?". Hreithr laughed, "I said the same thing, dear.". Dahla closed her eyes and breathed slowly, before she turned back to Hreithr and lowly stated, "This will not happen. I forbid it.". Hreithr opened his mouth to say something, only for it to be choked back at the smoldering look in her eyes. He instead opted for cuddling closer, Dahla leaving her fury for a second to raise an eyebrow and then a grin as Hreithr mumbled, "I like it.". She sighed and held him closer, lowly crooning to him while he closed his eyes and let himself relax.
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It was inevitable that the good times would end, that hope and joy would turn to ashes in his mouth. That dreaded event, so whispered of in horror and fear, had come to pass. His body ached, while his mind threatened to snap from sheer pressure. It has taken a long time, but even Dahla had felt that most sinister urge and had dragged him to...the *mall*. He moved slightly and grimaced at the shifting of bags and boxes, carefully stacked and held, against his skin. It had been what felt like hours and he could feel exhaustion tinged with frustration scratching at the edges of his mind and will. For a single, terrible moment, he came close to dropping his cargo, will down to an ember, before a hand softly placed itself on his shoulder and a glowing smile kindled it back to a roaring fire.

Dahla chuckled at his face, comedic in its open despair, "Come on, Hreithr, I'm finished. We can relax at home.", and almost bust a gut at the hopeful expression on his face. She perked her head as a thought entered her head, before smirking and looking back down to Hreithr, whispering huskily, "You did a lot of work today, honey, you mind if I help you relax before we go home?". It took all her will not to laugh as Hreithr got *excited*. She did end up laughing at his confused expression when he saw where they were going. Thankfully, the staff were able to watch over their purchases while Dahla dragged along Hreithr for a *steamy* time. His look of exasperation at her pun as he realized just where they were made her laugh all the harder.

Hreithr breathed, the air humid and full of steam, and sighed as his body wound down from a hard day of shopping, sitting as he was on a bench. He coughed a little as he saw Dahla idly stretching in the nude, without shame, and flushed at her smirk aimed his way. Still, it was a good way to relax, though not what he had expected. He held that thought, however, when Dahla posed before him and smirked down at him. He licked his lips and weakly said, "Dahla, please, this is a-", only to be cut off at a fingertip on his lips as Dahla lowered herself and looked at him in the eyes. He dazedly considered the fact that even on her knees, she was still quite tall, before his mind shuddered to a halt as an all-too familiar musk began to saturate the air.

She was still looking him in the eyes as her hands slipped the towel off of him and exposed himself to her, hands gliding over slick, moistened skin and rubbing pleasantly at his thickening cock. He gulped and breathed heavily, shuddering, before Dahla gently whispered, "This is for you, dear.", and ducked her head, mouth closing around his cock like a trap and lips kissing the base of his shaft. Hreithr hunched forwards at the unexpected sensation, gasping, before he fell back against the wall and panted as Dahla's tongue began to writhe and massage his cock, the walls of her mouth rubbing gently against it as she moved her head up and down. Hreithr shakily put a hand on her head and gently gripped her hair, nearly keening at the moan she let out that made her mouth vibrate. Dahla blinked, before her eyes narrowed and she began to hum even more. Hreithr closed his eyes and grit his teeth, breathing heavily, before he choked out, "Dahla...I'm going to-", tongue tripping over itself as he felt himself come undone.

He came to, mouth slack and drooling onto his chest, and straightened with a groan, before he looked down and inhaled sharply. Dahla gently pulled her head up, eyes locked onto his, and paused at the tip of his cock, tongue whirling around it to get the last remaining drops of his seed. She pulled off with a pop, before she opened her mouth and showed Hreithr the thick broth that was his baby batter, before she swallowed and sighed in pleasure, leaning her head against his knee and breathing in the smell of his well used cock. Hreithr simply put a hand on her head and gently rubbed her scalp, quietly stating, "Did I ever tell you that I love you?", and chuckled at the smirk that sprouted on her face.

It would surprise you to hear it, but Dahla was not much of a romantic type. Sure, she enjoyed the odd cuddle here and there, especially after a long day, but by no means was she soft. Her father raised his children like he was, disciplined, composed and always ready to descend into mind-numbing frenzies of violence whenever such things were needed. Her mother, on the other hand, taught them to be courteous, well mannered and diplomatic, which you would think would not marry well with what papa Gable had taught them, but given how their parents' marriage was rock solid, it was a given that they would make some truly exceptional children.

You may be thinking, why that long paragraph extolling the virtues of being raised by an alcoholic stormtrooper and his fallen angel wife? Well, to sell to you the idea that Dahla was not raised to be a soft, fragile glass sculpture. If she wanted something, she worked for it. In Hreithr's case, she just kept sending signals till he responded in kind and things took off from there. She wanted someone who would not try to control her and he just wanted to not be alone. Relationships are never perfect, the best are just where you get along so well with the other part of it that the bad somehow becomes part of the good. Case in point, whenever Dahla gets frustrated and goes to Hreithr for some alone time.

Dahla sat at her desk and burned a hole into it with her gaze, scowling down at some reports. As she picked up one of them and began to read, her breath hitched and her cheeks flushed a little, biting her lower lip and closing her eyes before carrying on. She muttered lowly to herself, before speaking up, "Can you believe whaaaaaaaaaaa~". She cupped her mouth with her hand, only to hunch over the desk and lowly moan, some spit leaking out of her mouth onto the reports before she wiped it away and sat up as best as she could, mock scowling down at her waist before shuddering again, "Fuck, Hreithr, where did you l-learn to eat a girl out like tttttthat?"

Hreithr, in response, shrugged and got back to work. His tongue slid and curled over her pink walls, fingers deftly massaging her labia while his thumb teased and mashed her clit. He gently suckled from her as he did, teeth grazing gently over her sensitive flesh and drawing shudders from her. Her hands came down atop his heap and gently pressed him deeper into her, trying to get his tongue further inside her. She started to pant, a hand coming up and groping at her breasts so she could finally cum, before she slammed back into her chair and screamed, slumping and shuddering.

Hreithr pulled back, tongue gently sliding out of her well licked slit, and gasped for air, his mouth covered in her juices. He rested on his knees for a moment, before noticing that Dahla had come to somewhat and had pulled back from the desk, only to yelp as she came at him. A flurry of limbs later, he was seated atop edge of the desk, legs hanging over the side and Dahla knelt before him, hands undoing his pants and fishing out his cock. She let it rest on her face for a moment, breathing it in, before she smirked up at him, "My time, honey.".

She slowly, gently licked up from the base of the shaft to the tip, nails gently caressing his tip, making sure to cover every inch of his dick in saliva, before pulling back and gently taking a hand and rubbing his cock. Hreithr grunted at the feeling, but shuddered when she took her other hand and started to fondle his balls, running her nails along his sack and getting them churning with cum. Hreithr began to pant, moaning as she winked up at him and closed her red, pouting lips around the tip of his cock, gently flicking his urethra with her tongue.

He groaned as she slowly, sensually slid her tight, writhing mouth down his cock, holding his gaze as her eyes turned into burning brass hearts and the air became heavy and thick. As she reached the base of the shaft, her tongue slid across it, back and forth, as his cock bottomed out in her mouth. Hreithr hunched over and nearly came then and there, but then she slowly pulled back, letting her tongue dance over his swollen flesh. He gasped, staring down at Dahla as she left his cock leave her mouth for a mere moment to say, pleading, begging, *needing*, "Cum for me.". Her lips slid back over his tip and his eyes rolled back into their sockets, a surge of cum flowing straight from his balls and through his cock, covering every inch of her mouth in his seed. She moaned and swallowed every last drop of it, pulling back to let the final shots cover her heaving tits. Hreithr lay sprawled on the desk, drooling, while Dahla stood up and leisurely collected the cum with her fingers and swallowed it with lidded eyes.

Elya Mornan, former Archoness of the Esteemed Republic of Czagarn, snorted into a glass of wine, "He really did that?". Selina May O'Brian Stark, only daughter of the Emperor of Dixie, fared little better and giggled breathlessly, "Yeah, Bruce is my twin, but he has no idea how to actually talk to people.". Elya exhaled breathily and drew her closer, Selina laying atop her, head gently resting on her generous breasts, "You took all of his charm in the womb.". Selina curved her head up to stare at her with an indignant expression and dryly asked, "Yes, all of it is my brother's lost charm.". Elya chuckled, a deep, rumbling noise that built up in her chest and made Selina shiver, and she pouted, "You know what I meant, my little daisy.". Selina hummed and nestled herself into Elya, lowly murmuring, "I know, but I still want you to make it up to me.". Elya's eyes burned at that and she nodded slowly, huskily breathing, "Oh, I know just how to do that.".

Selina struggled to stay coherent, or at least stop drooling. Bit hard with Elya's fingers scissoring and curling deep in her snatch and her thumb rolling her clit. Selina managed to move her head to stare down at Elya, having thrown it back from her first orgasm, and watched in pleasure as Elya took one of her nipples in her mouth and suckled and nipped it, working the other tit with her hand and rolling her nipple between her finger and thumb. Elya's other hand steadily pumped into Selina's cunt, straddling her legs and pinning her to the bed. Selina's breath grew short and she held onto Elya, hand caressing her check and the other hand tightly holding the hand deep inside her, before she wailed and her head curled back as her vision went pure white. She shuddered and fell limp, head turning to the side and drooling into the mattress, even as Elya powered through and kept working her tight snatch. Elya finally stopped when Selina tapped her exhaustedly and straightened up from the puddle that was her lover.

Elya cracked her neck and straightened up, still straddling Selina's legs. She hummed, before pouting down at Selina, "You're not done yet, my dear.". Selina's eyes widened and her mouth fell open, right before Elya lowered herself onto her new saddle and gripped Selina's hair. She growled, "Eat up.", and ground her pussy against Selina's mouth, before Selina went to work and started lapping at her open snatch. Elya moaned and used her free hand to grope a tit, the other hand still gently gripping Selina's hair. Her frantic rocking became a gentle motion, slowly dragging herself up and down as Selina ate her out with glazed, lusty eyes. Elya's breathing grew short and she groaned shakily, "Fu-fuck, S-Selina!", before throwing her head back and cumming hard. Selina closed her eyes and kept licking, letting Elya's cum wash over her, drinking when she could. It was a bit hard to breath for her, truth be told. Elya hands came to rest on the bed's board, panting and looking down at a splattered and blissed out Selina. Elya sighed and rolled off of Selina, laying down and pulling the near catatonic girl over her body again. Elya exhaled in pleasure and gently ran a finger over Selina's slick face, smirking proudly.

Natasha Romanoff O'Brian, codename Lady Dixie, hummed a jaunty tune to herself as she circled around a trio of Castorians. Each was at peak male fitness, judging by their muscular figures, though she was far more interested in what was between their legs than their muscles. Though, she did choose them for their stamina as well. She was a *very* intense and energetic woman, after all, and Tom was, well, a bit of a dead fish in bed. Didn't help that he inherited his father's mediocre cock size. Now, the Castorians had slim builds, even with their appreciable muscles, but by God, their cocks made up for it.

Grinning slightly, she stopped before them and nodded, huskily saying, "Alright, boys, let's have it.". The pack descended on her and shortly enough she was on her knees, tight, velvety lips pumping at their cocks and ambidextrous hands gyrating up and down their saliva-slicked dicks. Lady Dixie slowly pressed her lips to the base of each cock, deepthroating them like a champion cock sucker, and sped up her fucking and sucking. Her tongue was flattened against the bottom of her mouth, helplessly pressing against their thick cocks, and her throat bulged with their girth. Before long, the Castorians groaned and ejaculated all over her, a thick, creamy load from the cock in her mouth shooting down her moist throat. She pulled away and stood up, idly running a hand and smearing the cum over her skin. She hummed and savored a dollop of cum, licking her finger, and grinned at the panting Castorians, "Alright, round two.".

Lady Dixie bit her lip and closed her eyes, trying to hold back a moan from the Castorian cock pounding away at her snatch, gasping a little as it kept grazing her cervix. Lady Dixie did moan when an impatient cock, still slick from her throat, lined up and thrust deep into her rosebud, spreading her ass apart and making it jiggle from strong, desperate thrusts. Her mouth filled with drool as she descended into haze from the pussy and ass fucking, mouth opening to moan before a cock filled it and shot down her throat. Lady Dixie was reduced to gurgling, as the Castorian gripped her hair tightly and began to thrust with abandon, fucking her face sloppily and splattering drool and precum on her tits. She felt her insides curl and coil more and more until she screamed around the thick meat stick in her throat and came, vision turning white from the searing, engulfing ocean of pleasure her mind drowned in. Her pussy's frantic seizing caused the Castorians fucking her pussy and ass to groan and cum at the same time, orifices overflowing and bubbling with thick, creamy cum. The Castorian fucking her throat pushed her head to the base of his shaft and grunted, cock spasming and shooting thick ropes of cum down her throat. He stepped away and so did the man who fucked her tight, now gaping, ass. She slumped on top of the one who had fucked her bruised and gaping snatch and drooled helplessly. The Castorian simply lied there and pet her head.

Myk'h'elle Kane glanced up, before arching an eyebrow and setting aside her paperwork as to face the latest intrusion into her office. Her clone stared back at her with a rictus of hatred, narrowed eyes and gritted teeth bared in a snarl. Myk'h'elle sighed in annoyance, before flippantly stating, "I suppose my guards are still alive, otherwise I would have heard you. Welcome home, Khe'y'enne.". Her clone stepped forward warily, tense and alert for the first sign of an ambush, but replied, "They never even saw or heard me, Myk'h'elle. They would have gotten in the way of my chat with my darling sister. After all, we have a lot to talk about.". The Empress hummed and stood from her chair, laconically drawling, "I was unaware that we had much of anything to talk about, sister.". Khe'y'enne silently snarled and stepped forward into arms' reach, only her sister's desk preventing her from drawing closer, lowly hissing, "You know exactly why I am here.".

Myk'h'elle drew back with a frown, musing, "I had thought with your little escape that you wanted nothing more to do with the Imperi-", cutting off as Khe'y'enne smashed a hand through her desk and spat, "I am not here for the Imperium, I am here for *you*.". Myk'h'elle's expression tinged with confusion as she asked, "Why?". Khe'y'enne was seething as she leaned in to furiously whisper, "You made me, a perfect clone of yourself, a sister, and you left me to be tortured. Why?". Myk'h'elle's face looked as if it were carved from stone as she answered, "It was my duty. I had no choice.", only to fall silent as Khe'y'enne spat out, "Your duty?! I was tortured for years on your orders because it was your 'duty'?!". Myk'h'elle looked away and Khe'y'enne leaned back from where she had nearly leaned over the entire desk to yell, coldly uttering, "Look at you. I came here to pay a debt and I find this.". Myk'h'elle looked up and narrowed her eyes, tensing as she said, "You may try, but you will find me your better.". Khe'y'enne shifted and intoned, "Dear sister, you are not even my equal."

Myk'h'elle panted and strained against Khe'y'enne, locked into a hold on the floor and unable to break it. Turns out, an Empress who does paperwork most of the day is not the equal of her clone who does not. Khe'y'enne did not even seem to be breaking a sweat and looked more puzzled and amused than anything else. "I know I said you are not even my equal, but this is just embarrassing.", to which Myk'h'elle could only whine, before freezing with a flush. Khe'y'enne stared down at her in frustration, before stiffening and muttering, "Absolutely not.", before shuffling a little and feeling around, only to exclaim, "Y-you're aroused?!". Myk'h'elle winced and remained silent in her sexual frustration and shame. Khe'y'enne stared down at her in abject bewilderment, before staring up as if to ask God why and finally settling down with a blank expression towards Myk'h'elle as she said, "Alright, fuck it.". Khe'y'enne stared up at her over her own shoulder, before her eyes widened and she choked out, "W-wait."

Khe'y'enne manhandled Myk'h'elle with ease, to her shameful arousal, and ended up still on top, straddling her and grinding her quickly moistening mound on Myk'h'elle's face. Khe'y'enne buried a slight moan and growled as she took Myk'h'elle's hair in her fist and yanked it against her lower lips, crooning down at her, "Now is not the time for shyness, sister. Be a good girl and, hmmmm, you get a reward.". Myk'h'elle glared up at her, before she tentatively began to give little strokes of her tongue on her sister's lower lips. Khe'y'enne took off her top and began to grope her breast, biting her lower lip and sighing in pleasure as Myk'h'elle began to get into it and give long, loving licks deep in her pussy. Khe'y'enne rocked her hips and groaned at the feeling, resisting the impulse to buck them and maintaining a slow, gentle grazing of Myk'h'elle's mouth and tongue. Khe'y'enne panted and groaned, muttering down at her now very much aroused sister, "All that tongue wagging, mmmmm fuck-", before she gasped and came, Myk'h'elle closing her eyes and continuing to lick and swallow Khe'y'enne's cum. Khe'y'enne inhaled sharply and came down from her orgasm, before lifting herself and shuffling down the prone Myk'h'elle, grinning mischievously as she did, "Your turn, sister."

Myk'h'elle panted and moaned, as Khe'y'enne sucked on one of her tits and pumped two fingers in and out of her moist snatch, thumb rubbing gently on her clit. Khe'y'enne released a nipple with a pop and used her free hand to gently grab the back of Myk'h'elle's head, pulling her in for a searing kiss, tongue slipping in and out to wrestle with her tongue and explore her mouth. Myk'h'elle moaned into the kiss and let Khe'y'enne's tongue take control in the sensual dance, before Khe'y'enne pulled back with a strand of saliva between their lips and went back to her breasts. Then Khe'y'enne added a third finger and upped the tempo, pumping and rubbing her clit hard with her thumb and fingers. Myk'h'elle's eyes rolled back into her head as she screamed her climax and everything went white. She laid there on the floor, twitching uncontrollably with pleasure, and blearily watched Khe'y'enne stand up and lowly say, "If you ever want to do it again, sister dear, do come and find me.", before Myk'h'elle passed out from sheer exhaustion and pleasure.

Bhaepe hastily adjusted her glasses for the umpteenth time, checking hurriedly to see whether or not they were properly secured even as Purple Haze calmly floated in front of her waiting patiently. She finally overcame her nerve and stopped fidgeting with her glasses, opaque to hide her eyes just in case they did to Purple Haze what they did to the more human mortals. Gnawing her lower lip in anticipation, she approached Purple Haze and huskily said, "Alright, big guy, I'm ready.", to which Purple Haze flashed in joyous affirmation. Bhaepe hastily undressed herself, thin, translucent shift rising over her head and long, slender ears to reveal her pert and full breasts. Her body had been cleaned and groomed in preparation, not that that stopped her lower lips from glistening with her cum in excited anticipation. She flushed as Purple Haze's tentacles moved forward and slid over and around her body, entwining with her limbs to lift her effortlessly off the ground and position her appropriately for what was to come next.

She was brought forward before Purple Haze's maw, though she was not afraid of being eaten. At least, Bhaepe smirking manically, not in that sense. Any further thought was cut off as her lower body was lowered inside of Purple Haze's mouth and his tongues began to writhe against her body. She shuddered ceaselessly, even before they found her rapidly flooding snatch, and she began to pant when they began to enter and caress her inner lips. She had just begun to moan when another tentacle, curled around her throat, rose and slowly entered her throat, Bhaepe almost choking before the taste of whatever alien lubricant coating it filled her mouth and she relaxed. Her eyes fluttered in pleasure, tongue bottomed against the tentacle as it began to fuck her throat, precum already painting the back of her throat and filling her throat. She only began to scream when two very fine and small tongues curled around her clit, caressing and pulling.

The tongues and tentacles worked her relentlessly, another two coming from her arms to be rubbed by her hands, slick with precum. Her eyes danced as Purple Haze flashed erratically, a coil in her belly getting tighter and tighter till it loosened all at once and she came. Shuddering and clenching, she barely felt Purple Haze jerk and spasm, the tentacle in her mouth exploding in her mouth and filling it with seed. Her face was painted by the two tentacles she had been jerking off, even as the one in her mouth slowly pulled out. Her tongue dragged along the bottom of it, hanging out of her mouth and catching more cum as she shuddered and panted. She came down just enough for her tongue to curl back into her mouth so she could swallow the dollops of thick, white cream. She hanged there in orgasmic bliss for a moment, before Purple Haze began to move once more, flashing determinedly.

By the time she regained her senses, she realized she was hanging before Purple Haze, spread eagled, and before she could even speak, a tentacle shot down her throat. Eyes bulging in shock, they quickly fluttered as other tentacles joined the first in violating and penetrating her body. A thick tentacle snaked around her legs before slowly, teasingly entering her gaping snatch, beginning to pound away at her core while a smaller tentacle began to suck and nibble at her clit. Already shuddering at the assault, she screamed around the tentacle invading her throat with a smaller, but slicker tentacle glided over her ass cheeks before worming inside of her rosebud, curling deeply into her. Her hands were lifted again to curl around thick, bulging tentacles, hands steadily pumping away even as the precum practically coated her body. At this point, she was unable to care, given the sheer bliss and pleasure practically melting her brain, tentacles thrusting and pumping deep inside of her, painting her insides with white. Finally, her walls began to clench and she moaned around the tentacle in her throat, body clenching around the foreign invaders defiling her, and they began to seize and spasm, cum flooding her womb, down her throat and bubbling out of her gaping ass. Purple Haze was flashing erratically, but Bhaepe was seeing stars at the moment and didn't feel a thing as she slipped through his tentacles to gently lay on the floor, shuddering with pleasurable aftershocks, cum coating her fur and flowing out of her abused holes to form a puddle beneath her.
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Ildona stared down at the thin strip of cloth and sighed, "Nyra, why the blindfold?", to which her favored disciple and persistent headache exclaimed, "Anticipation, Snow-Cone, it makes the whole thing more enjoyable". Ildona raised a thin, white eyebrow and Nyra gave an embarrassed chuckle, before pushing two of her fingers together and making Ildona's heart race, "I, uh, like being on top and this is part of it, like you're at my mercy and I can just...do things to you". Ildona's thoughts ran between "so cute" and "I did pick her", before she sighed and gently donned the blindfold, "I shall accept this, for your sake, but please be gentle. I am rather new to this sort of thing". The only answer was a content hum, before Ildona felt a pair of hands on her bare shoulders pushing her back onto the large bed prepared for the night, the sheets silken and luxurious on her exposed skin. Ildona could not see Nyra, but she could hear her breathing, low and heavy, and she could feel the exhalations running up and down her body as if she was running her mouth just above her skin. Ildona had to admit that the feelings were enjoyable and starting to make her breath a little heavier herself, but Nyra was damn-near panting now like a bitch in heat, the thought and sight of a goddess at her mercy and subject to whatever desires she could think of proving to be quite heady. Ildona's thighs rubbed together a little, a pleasant heat and friction followed by a newfound slickness prompting her to think that maybe she was also a little aroused at the thought of being on the receiving end.

Nyra began her assault by running her hands up and down her midsection, teasing the sensitive flesh there, and making Ildona's breaths heavier and rougher in want and need. She then turned her attention to her ample breasts, a heavy handful that would make anyone who held them die happy, and gently ran her hands over them, cupping them and rubbing the nipples with her thumbs to the delight of Ildona and Nyra both. Ildona's breath hitched, however, when Nyra's breaths briefly fell on her now very sensitive and perky, her mouth soon closed around them and started sucking, licking and nibbling. Ildona almost came then and there, the aching need in her core building into a roaring flame that was spreading heat throughout her body and making her mind heavy with lust. Her body shuddered and writhed, yet she struggled to remain still as had been asked of her, even as Nyra mercilessly kept at groping and biting her tits. A hand shakily rose and made for her needy snatch, just begging to be filled and fucked, even as her thighs rubbed frantically together to try and make enough friction for her to cum already.

She yelped as a hand swatted her thighs open and her hand away, which quickly turned into a stifled groan as the hand settled in between them and dragged nails over sensitive flesh. The other hand planted itself in her hand and curled into a fist, dragging a groan out of her before the heavy breaths and pants of Nyra fell on her right, "Don't move, not even to scratch an itch. I'm the only one who's going to be scratching your itch". At any other time, Ildona would have had something to say about that particular line, but then the hand between her thighs dragged itself over to her now wet and ready pussy and ran a finger over her slit. She inhaled a ragged breath, mouth agape, before a thumb was inserted into her mouth and hooked her cheek, which she absentmindedly nibbled on. The thumb jerked in her mouth as Nyra's breathing hitched, before she retaliated with a slow, painfully slow finger entering Ildona, the needy moans that erupted did nothing to make the pace any less glacial. When the moaning turned to begging and whimpers for Nyra to just fuck her already, however, well, Nyra made a living out of giving people what they wanted, so she took her finger out to the hasty and half-formed complaints of Ildona before two fingers entered her slick pussy and began to thrust steadily into her core.

Ildona's mind blanked and roiled, back arching as the feeling of finally getting fucked made her nerves crackle with pleasure and thrust her bosom out, exposing themselves to the fresh tortures of Nyra. Even as her finger buried themselves in Ildona's snatch and she almost came just from bringing her to orgasm, Nyra was moving Ildona into a more fitting position, sliding her own nude form beneath the twitching, half conscious goddess so she could pin her in place and ravage her to her own satisfaction. Which she did right as her own breasts, nipples already perked, smooshed into Ildona's back and startled her back from the pleasant haze of an orgasmic coma, arms rising to pin the goddess to her and began to really satisfy the two of them. Ildona, for her part, came to just in time to exhaustedly ask, "Nyra?", before arms closed around like a steel trap and a hand closed around her right breast, fingers pinching and squeezing her nipple and startling a moan out of her, before another hand snaked it's way down her taut stomach and core to run over her clit and make her scream, tongue lolling out as her mind turned to mush again. The lower hand did not stop at her clit through and went lower, three fingers entering her now cum drenched and slick pussy and setting a fast and hard pace, the palm of the hand grinding itself against the exposed clit. Even after Ildona had came, the brutal regime was quick to reignite the fire in her core and she could soon feel a coiling sensation in her gut that was getting closer and closer, then Nyra whispered into her ear and Ildona nearly lost it. "Just think, this every time we meet, me pinning you to my tits and my fingers deep in your pussy. Fuck, I wish had a strap on so I could fuck you into the bed and break you to pieces. Wouldn't you like that? A good little cumslut, cumming on my fingers and my cock". Then Ildona felt Nyra's lips and teeth on her earlobe and she screamed louder than she had ever screamed before as her core loosed and her mind erupted into fireworks and all she could see was stars.

When Ildona woke up, she was sore and aching in all the right places, shivering from the tingling sensations that still remained, before a hand lazily rose in front of her face, wet and glistening. A low, husky voice sounded in her ear then, "Lick them", and when the fingers presented themselves before her mouth, Ildona could not resist licking them clean, a strange, tangy taste on them and leaving her warm on the inside for some reason. Of course, her mind chose then to start working again and she soon realized that she had just tasted her own cum, on fingers that had been deep inside and piercing her core, a low whine escaping her to the low chuckles of Nyra, still behind Ildona and pinning her. Ildona panted, "What...what now?", and Nyra hummed, gently stroking her sensitive sides and sending shivers of pleasure up Ildona's spine, "Now we cuddle. Sorry, I forgot about fellatio". Ildona thought that over for a moment, before giving a wheezing laugh and dryly stating, "You did...plenty. I hope you know...that this means I am...going to destroy you later". Nyra's pinning arms snaked around Ildona's midriff tighter as she cooed in her ear, "I know and I am going to enjoy every second of it, just as I did during this", and Ildona closed her eyes to contently hum in agreement.
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