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Age of Sin [Eteru/Iammelon] Empty Age of Sin [Eteru/Iammelon]

Fri Mar 19, 2021 12:54 am
Sincoln was a man who understood what it means to be patient. To play the sort of long con that can outlive entire generations. Something he can certainly do with his extraordinary lifespan. However despite his confidence he’s aware that he’s not perfect. No, that title is more fitting for his better half. As a shadow who sits in the corner he knows that other players exist. Powerful and influential players who’ve been playing long games such as him. Dragons, especially Tyfrondor are among those who become quite masterful at this. Followed by the jackals. And then the rest of the assortment of immortals that exist in Hoshizora.

His mistress is among the latter. A mysterious alicorn who knows how old has been playing an even more chaotic game. One that involves the systems of Artodeme. At times he wondered if she too was using the cult as a means to an end. Whatever the case may be, he has been playing a dangerous game himself. He wasn’t always a gambling man in the beginning. But over time came to learn that it was a fact of life to take risks. To roll the dice and put faith in chaos. That is generally how you beat someone in a game like this.

Nineteen years he spent with that mare. She possesses a powerful hold over him yet he still retains just enough self-awareness to have a sense of free will. He was as they say courting with the devil, or in this instance quite literally having sex with the devil. It was fitting then that he was the devil as well. Beside their relationship, while he came to Artodeme as a slave for a good decade. He was actually a former slave. Her mistress saw it as improper to have someone with his place in their cult to remain a slave.

Said cult is the reason he sparingly makes long trips like this. It does feel really good to be in the cult, he was the dark counterpart to his other half after all. But like Lincoln, he was a workaholic. He gets agitated when he lazes around for too long. Especially when he has his own agenda to pursue. And his own slaves to attend to. Slaves he rather wish to spend time with instead of being in an environment that the cult creates. So much wasted potential. Such unbridled hedonism. Of course there is a clear reason for it all. Cults need to have some purpose to it beyond getting your rocks off.

He just has other things he’s more interested in. One being the reason he was currently in the undercities of Avalantus. The wake of the Iammelon Civil War continues to be felt to this day and will likely continue for the rest of time. Amidst all the shifts in power and socio political movement, people like him are taking the moment to reap what fruit they can find. For most it meant taking the unfortunate people they find back to Artodeme. With others it’s a hunt for scraps of assets left forgotten in the cracks of civilization.

His hunt is centered on the rumor of ancient power being left to collect dust in an abandoned Omnipo facility. The paper trail of rumors led him to Avalantus. And so here he was, making his way down the many alleyways out of sight. His ever loyal Shimmer nearby in the shadows like he was. He went over the information in his head. There was supposedly an abandoned factory that sat unused even before the war. But like all things of this nature, ghost stories began to pop up around the place. Distant sounds of guttural roars, the clanking of heavy droids, strange lights in the windows. The usual stuff people get from horror blogs on the internet. But like all stories, there is often a sliver of truth interwoven with them. For someone like him, when something has this much mystery clumped to it. It usually means there is also something to be found at the center of it all.

Shimmer was brought along because her skillset makes her useful for these kinds of missions. They were shadow and ghost heading towards their destination unseen. Creeping down the shadows of the street he went by an office for Agricorp. He could sense life there. Mainly the Ialao in the lobby. There was a mild impulse to claim her but he quashed that. These impulses were always annoying, it largely stemmed from his influence from the cult. Plus the added weight of his mistress' influence over him.

An influence he does realize from time to time how much it changed his mannerism ever so slightly. The biggest being how much he took notice of the female body. Fantasizing the things he wished to do to them. The Id then crashes against the immovable wall that is his Ego. The Ego brings him the clarity needed to push back these intrusive desires. Not that he doesn’t enjoy them, it's just that he saw no purpose in these ones. Sex for self-pleasure is meaningless. Despite his nature, he doesn’t want a hollow flesh doll. While he loves limp play, he wants them to be more than that outside of sex. He wants a slave who is a person, rather than a slave who is an object.

Shaking his head he went around he found the facility. Gesturing Shimmer to do her part. He doesn’t see her but in precisely ten seconds. She opened the door for him from the inside. Her Vindicator Armor was white with electric blue trims that seem to glow. “All the threats on the first floor are taken care of, Master. The nearby security room has been secured as well.” Clean job as expected. Sincoln wouldn’t allow anything less. Sincoln heads inside the lobby. Shimmer closed the door behind them and walked with him. Her movement is accompanied by flickering, prismatic afterimages of her body as she quantum shifts through space.

As expected he could see the place was quite wrecked. The lobby was shot up and droid parts litter the place. For a moment a strange sense of deja vu wash over him that went by too fast for him to give it much thought. They then move around what seems to be the first floor. Sincoln spotted a collapsed Hoplite droid on the floor of the security room. Having its life brought to an end by Shimmer with no apparent damage on it. Its insides would tell a different story however.

They moved from room to room with ease. Coming across the kitchen, small barracks, storage room, and reactor room. He found mostly more damaged robots and no corpses yet. Not that he’s looking for them specifically. He’s not at that level of depravity. Thankfully his fun club is not in that avenu of forbidden fruits. If they were he would have had very strong things to say about it. It did make him ponder at times what the other secret cults were like on Artodeme. Given that any religion there is more aggressive and darker he wasn’t particular motivated to dig around any time soon.

Going to the other part of the floor they found tonce living bodies which they right on by. He found a bathroom, droid power bay, hydroponics room, and a main hub. At this point he was getting the sense that anything that could be living here was long dead. But he wasn’t the sort to leave a search half done. Not using the elevator they instead went down the shute with their respective capabilities. Descending to a lower level of the facility they found that it was the cargo area. And he could see old signs of a one sided fight.

Poking in the cargo bay they saw bodies of Apex pirates and a bullet hole ridden man with the name Algrove barely visible on his faded nametag. What a way to go. Trapped in the cargo bay while pirates come barging through the gate. The fact that he chose one last stand instead of going the easy way out was something Sincoln respects. Especially considering he seemed to have taken several down with him. A tingle in the back of his mind. He could sense a strange presence nearby. And he got a feeling it has something to do with this rumored ancient power.

Shimmer flickers into existence by his side with a report. “I’ve done a round through other areas of the facility. There’s two areas of interest. A mess hell has some sort of war beast and I felt an abnormal presence from a door.” Sincoln gave her a pat on the back for a job well done. This is the sort of servant he enjoys. A woman who can get stuff. Not one whose sole purpose is to warm his groin.

“I’m feeling what you’re describing. I feel that may be our mysterious ancient power. Let’s go to it.” Shimmer gave a noise of agreement before following him. Going down a hallway he came to a door giving off the strange vibes. Opening it he was rather surprised to see a glass tube in the center of the room and a big red button on the control panel. It looked so comedic yet he has actually seen a setup like this in his old lifetime where baddies seem to love big, red buttons.

As he mused before, he was a gambling man who takes risks. Thus he pressed the button. Watching the glass tube open he could see the gaseous substance in it surge toward him. Being the ever devoted slave to protect her master. Sincoln noticed that the room entered a state of quantum uncertainty. In the microseconds before the gas consumes him he orders Shimmer to stand down. Because he was overtaken by a feeling that whatever this thing is. It may serve his interests.

And so Sincoln was overtaken by the psionic cloud. For the said cloud, the Psion Tulam’Run would find himself with a peculiar vessel. Given he’s far superior to someone like the Alicorn mistress he was able to completely see everything within Sincoln. His mindscape is based on a memory in which his birth world's star is nearing its life cycle. His mistress assumed it was a random barren world that represented his desire to be alone which is a correct interpretation, just not the only one. Sincoln did like it because the desolation is symbolic to one of the oldest interpretations of Hell, that being a place that is absent of God.

Sincoln made this memory be the foundation of his mindscape because it’s the root of his hatred. And so that hate serves as his reminder. That and he found it fitting to represent his mistress' dominance over him by having it be the red giant that blasted his once vibrant home with heat. In this mental world, Tulam would find a set of structures next to a salt-choked river. Both seem to represent the parts of Sincoln that she could not reach.

Both of which were made from Yule marble that seemed unmarked by the winds. Temples which enshrined the two halves that are Lincoln and Sincoln. The former possesses an epitaph proclaiming him to be a savior. Tulam would discoern that this was the part of Sincoln he taps into to check on him. Sincoln’s temple has the same epitaph as well. The difference with this temple is that there was a stairway behind the statue in its shadow. Leading down to a sprawling, underground complex. Sincoln could be found leaning against one of the doric columns that make up his temple. Keeping himself within the shade.
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