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The Flame of Eternity - Abridged Version of Heulyn's Adventures, First Arc [Meta Info] Empty The Flame of Eternity - Abridged Version of Heulyn's Adventures, First Arc [Meta Info]

Mon Apr 05, 2021 9:24 pm
Underlined Text is to indicate the changes from the original text.

Heulyn’s Backstory

  • At the dawn of eternity in the Auinozoaun Universe. A woman is born on the Amzielean world of Eaeireth. Possessing the blood of the Fair Folk, Heulyn Lloyd was raised within a vibrant and mystical world.
  • She entered her adulthood as a healthy and brilliant young woman with a deeply empathetic heart. Striving to become a scholar she was found by the Chaulkau Security Organization who wished to hire her. Whether she wanted to or not.
  • At the age of twenty she found herself literally kidnapped and shipped off to the south pole. It would be eight long years before she was able to return to proper society.
  • Heulyn had a hard time adjusting. For those eight years have been filled with so many surreal adventures that the monotony of normal life made her anxious. Worse yet, is that no one would understand her.  
  • Heart filled with wanderlust she chose to live her life as a pilgrim. And would go to travel all over Eaeireth.
  • For two decades she walked the earth. Dispersing wisdom and ancient teachings to those who listen.
  • Her steps across the river of time created ripples. By conversing with the right people, saving certain lives, preventing possible disasters. Heulyn unknowingly prevented Eaeireth from erupting into a Third World War.  
  • Her influence on the hearts of those she passed created a domino effect across the years. Not only was doom prevented, but the people Eaeireth began directing the future of their civilizations into a brighter horizon.
  • Within two centuries, the entirety of the Amzielean race were finally united as one.
  • Kept alive by mystic means. Heulyn continued to trek across the changing lands for four millennia.
  • Seeing her people spread so much across the stars. She came to the decision to truly fade into obscurity. The Amziel Race can still flourish without her after all.
  • With the use of True Magic, she chose to travel across the breadth of infinity by reincarnation. That way she could truly experience other civilizations without being seen as an outsider.
  • There’s no point in giving a numerical value to how long she did this process. Or how many flags she waved above her head. But no matter how many faces she bore, or the countless names she was regarded as, at the core she was always Heulyn.

RMB Section

  • In between the phases of her transition into rebirth, Someone took hold of her. To her surprise it was BB, who had been using an hyper advanced algorithm to search for her. And it took a very long time. That loneliness drove the AI to near insanity.
  • Furious at Heulyn for numerous reasons, she dragged her down. Took her to planet Angelarium. Where she would trap Heulyn within a wicked simulation in an attempt to break her. Having experienced so much already, Heulyn wasn’t an easy soul to fracture.
  • That doesn’t mean she didn’t get injured physically and emotionally.
  • She was stuck in the simulation for five years before being freed in the Day of Rapture. Afterwards she found herself in the body of a New Amziel in mid twenties.
  • For a year she wondered. Dealing with still raw wounds. She ended up applying for a job in Aztecha Industries. Which only lasted for a week.
  • When they greeted Lady-Lord Tarset to their facility on Angelarium and were about to enjoy a meal. They were unaware of being in ground zero of a Trim The Overgrown Hedges order. Omnipo forces stormed into the room and began firing.
  • Being relatively still weak, and taken by surprise, she joined the food on the table as swiss cheese. Thankfully, her immortality kept her alive. However, parts of her brain matter found themselves on Tarset’s shield. She remained in her seat uncounciss while her body repaired itself during the whole shootout.
  • With the aid of immediate medical treatment, Heulyn made a quick recovery in only a few days. Heulyn and Tarset talked about things. Whether out of guilt or some other reason, Tarset offered to bring Heulyn back home with her on Tombuiron. Heulyn accepts.

Forum Section/Ishnar Interlude

  • Lady Kissa discovered numerous recreated ruins of unknown origin. Delving into a Necropolis she only learned that the place is built with bits of arcane technology. Miraculously she found an open terminal that could reach a server in a faraway place.
  • Over the course of days and weeks her crew made contact with the other end. Who they shockingly learn are pretty much on the opposite side of the universe. The Ishnar within the Unknown Depths, the name for Supervoid they reside in.
  • These distant neighbors were amiable. They didn’t mind holding a constant line of communication with the Anubites.
  • Because of the limited manner of interaction, not much yet is known about the mysterious Ishnar. Thus are unaware of the existence of the Welkin.

Forum Section/Heulyn’s Adventure

  • Heulyn and Tarset bonded on the ride home. And became quick friends.
  • As they land in Tombuiron. Heulyn was shown around the temple. By this time she started to open herself more. How she is a sort of a pilgrim who travels. She dropped hints that she had numerous lives. But only talked about her first life, because that’s the core of herself.
  • They met up with Ipwet. Heulyn continued to share more about her first life. Sharing her experiences with the arcane. Later on she talked about Heroic Spirits, catching the interest of the Anubites who then questioned further on the subject.
  • While curious about the nature of this spiritual summoning, they were more concerned dealing with Heulyn’s mental issues. So they pushed that off for a later date.
  • High Lord Sethus joined them at a table. Coming to learn Heulyn’s past to some extent he offered her apprenticeship, to which she accepted.
  • Sethus took Heulyn to get her own staff. She commissioned a Torch-Staff.
  • Heulyn was taken around to be introduced to the varying organs of the government.
  • Nerotep of House Yuya performs a coup. Heulyn fought alongside Sethus against him and his ghost companion. She fought said ghost, and was annoyed when he blew her chest up by pointing a finger at her while saying “Boy, you really are a boomer ain’t ya?”.
  • Heulyn wasn’t pleased.
  • Due to the poor location of their fight, she and Sethus had to make a retreat out of there.
  • Heulyn was tasked to look around for clues.
  • Found Menthrais in a park. They had a brisk, psychological and philosophical chat that in the end gave Heulyn the tools needed to step off the path she chose so long ago. Not wanting to stay long she left the park on good terms with the spiit.
  • Much later, she was taken to see Great Founder Anrak Ithrak. They talked about the future of Angelarium and herself. It’s here that she first found herself drawn to him.
  • Three and a half year timeskip. During this time she was finally inquired about the summoning of Heroic Spirits. And she happily summoned a few.
  • She also shared more information about her first life. Said information was used in activating strange gates on Angelarium to establish a small connection with the Ishnar. Anubites made first contact in person with the Ishnar Amzielean. And came to learn about the Welkin.
  • Heulyn was called to Sethus’s Temple to plan for the final assault on Nerotep’s alleged location. On the way she came across Clexmose. They bonded quite well, especially on the long round trip later.
  • They utilized Heulyn’s access to her Servants in the assault. She was a part of the main strike force.
  • They found and fought Nerotep. She managed to confront him one on one. It was a battle of ideals halfway through before Heulyn realized something. Anrak didn’t create his Eternal Empire with pretty words. So she stopped holding back as much and finally put an end to this once and for all.
  • When she returned home she learned that the ICW ended.
  • Heulyn goes to Nerotep’s trail. He escapes. She was sent to join up with the officials to track him down.
  • The assembled force went out to track him down. By the use of magical tracking they find that his trail leads to a strange sandstorm. While they secured the perimeter she was brought alongside Sethus to enter the sandstorm.
  • While entering Heulyn had her first epiphany.
  • They find a hole, down below they see a lake. Blood splatter could be seen on the edge.
  • Heulyn uses her mystic means to breach it. Both stepping through it they find the two escapes in front of a door possessing a puzzle. Thankfully it seemed that them being stumped gave them the time to catch up.
  • Coming to a temporary truth to find the truth to all of this. They manage to get inside.
  • They find the Beast. The beast brushed them off, It then spoke words to Heulyn that gave her the final epiphany that finally made her realize that it was time to stop traveling. Finally overpowering the compulsion of her Origin.
  • Nerotep seemingly made his final dance with the Beast. Heulyn and Sethus safely got out of there.
  • Heulyn’s first arc came to a close.

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