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Eteru Zvonimir
Eteru Zvonimir
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The Flame of Eternity - Revised Story Beats of Heulyn's Adventures, First Arc [Meta Info] Empty The Flame of Eternity - Revised Story Beats of Heulyn's Adventures, First Arc [Meta Info]

Mon Apr 05, 2021 9:24 pm
In a poetic fashion, Heulyn Lloyd entered Hoshizora ablaze. Combating an eldritch foe whose name and origin is unimportant. Their duel ended on a barren world with the abomination dead at Heulyn’s feet. Burning the body, she went on to aimlessly wander across the world out of a need to rest from such an ordeal. It took several weeks for her to realize that flora was popping up sporadically. Making her way back where she made her landfall, she discovered a growing grassland. She didn’t realize in her tired state that the blood she had shed held enough power to give life to a world that had none.

Heulyn sat in that field. Spending a long time just staring up at the stars above her head. Then one day, she decided to spend time on this world to do something she hasn’t done in a very long time. Create life. Out of the clay she gathered from this world, she created a race that she named Amzielean. Their biology was a mix of traits from other races she met over her lifetime. They were at the level of primitive Hunter gatherers and over the years have migrated to all four corners of the land. Heulyn rarely interacted with her creations. Partly because she was busy creating the ecosystem for the planet.

An unspecified amount of time passed till Heulyn found her simple life being disturbed when an alien ship descended from the sky. Stepping out of it when it landed was a Psion named Tulam’Run. He had been surprised to find a world like this out of chance when he was getting away from numerous parties. This had seemed like the perfect place to wait things out. Then he met Heulyn. The two didn’t start things off with a fight. Mostly because Tulam was a bit tired with the constant dick measuring contest out in Hoshizora and decided to try out calmly talking to someone.

It worked to a degree. There was a connection between the two. They were in the middle of discussing splitting up the land. He stressed that all he wants is to build a laboratory and be left alone. Then something drew him off her world. Heulyn never saw him again, which was a shame. She had grown to like Tulam. Oh well, people coming and going was just a part of life. Still, on some nights while she stargaze. She pondered whether she should have gone to try to find Tulam’Run.

As it always has and always will. Time flew by with little change. Amzielean had just discovered agriculture and domestication of livestock a few centuries before their sky split with the arrival of more aliens. A lot more than she has ever seen since she arrived here. She watched the Athillian refugees make the lands to the north their new home. Who moved here in such numbers that it attracted people who deem this system to be a part of their sphere of influence. The Anubite Empire. Who would then go on to technologically uplift the primitive Amzielean.

Heulyn decided to go to one of their cities after a bout of reflection. Her period of isolation came about because she carried internal issues. An existential crisis if you will. She needed proper company to remind herself why she walked so far for so long. Disguising herself as an Amziel. Heulyn managed to get a job at Aztecha Industries for a solid week before it went downhill. When they greeted Lady-Lord Tarset to their facility on her world, they were about to enjoy a meal and were unaware of being in ground zero of a Trim The Overgrown Hedges order.

Omnipo forces stormed into the room and began firing. Caught off guard and edge dulled over millennia of peace, Heulyn only managed to live being ridden with holes thanks to her nature. As she laid in her growing pool of blood, her disguise was made obsolete when her blood ran crimson instead of Amzielean gold. With the aid of immediate medical treatment, Heulyn made a quick recovery in only a few days. Heulyn and Tarset talked about things. Whether out of guilt or some other reason, Tarset offered to bring Heulyn back home with her on Tombuiron. Heulyn accepts.

Heulyn and Tarset bonded on the ride home. And became quick friends. Since there was no need for secrecy, Heulyn told Tarset a bit about herself. How Angelarium was once a barren world when she made landfall so many cycles ago. And that everything upon the land came from her hand. When asked what spurred Heulyn to do such a massive project, the response was that she was just keeping herself busy in the same way that people living out in the wilds have to keep themselves busy to not go crazy from the isolation.

As they land in Tombuiron. Heulyn was shown around the temple. By this time she started to open herself more, albeit kept her past to be presented in a vague sense. She was born in a world that doesn’t bask in the light of any stars in the sky. Then there came a time when she traveled across the sea of stars. Always making sure to make a purpose for herself when the last goal was either fulfilled or wasn’t possible anymore.

They met up with Ipwet. Heulyn continued to share more about her life. How she roamed far; farther than any other person of her race ever wandered. Seen great alien cities beyond her wildest imaginations. She roamed in the unknown regions of the firmament that none had explored before. By this time, the Anubites realized that Heulyn had a bad case of Wanderlust. Stemming from the mental issues that plague her.

High Lord Sethus joined them at a table. Coming to learn Heulyn’s past to some extent he offered her apprenticeship, to which she accepted. Later, Sethus took Heulyn to get her own staff. Of where she commissioned a Torch-Staff. Heulyn was then taken around to be introduced to the varying organs of the government. Around this time, Nerotep of House Yuya performs a coup. Heulyn fought alongside Sethus against him and his ghost companion. Due to the poor location of their fight, she and Sethus had to make a retreat out of there.

Heulyn was tasked to look around for clues. After a while, she found Menthrais in a park. They had a brisk, psychological and philosophical chat that in the end gave Heulyn the tools needed to step off the path she chose so long ago. Not wanting to stay long she left the park on good terms with the spirit. Much later, she was taken to see Great Founder Anrak Ithrak. They talked about the future of Angelarium and herself. It’s here that she first found herself drawn to him.

Three and a half years later. She was called to Sethus’s Temple to plan for the final assault on Nerotep’s alleged location. On the way she came across Clexmose. They bonded quite well, especially on the long round trip later. They utilized Heulyn’s skill in the arcane in the assault. Deeming that with her experience and knowledge that she was pretty much a force of nature. To no one surprise, she was a part of the main strike force. They found and fought Nerotep. She managed to confront him one on one. It was a battle of ideals halfway through before Heulyn realized something. Anrak didn’t create his Eternal Empire with pretty words. So she stopped holding back as much and finally put an end to this once and for all.

When she returned home she learned that the Iammelon Civil War ended. Heulyn goes to Nerotep’s trail. He escapes. She was sent to join up with the officials to track him down.
The assembled force went out to track him down. By the use of magical tracking they find that his trail leads to a strange sandstorm. While they secured the perimeter she was brought alongside Sethus to enter the sandstorm. While entering Heulyn had her first epiphany.

They find a hole, down below they see a lake. Blood splatter could be seen on the edge.
Heulyn uses her mystic means to breach it. Both stepping through it they find the two escapes in front of a door possessing a puzzle. Thankfully it seemed that them being stumped gave them the time to catch up. Coming to a temporary truth to find the truth to all of this. They manage to get inside. They find the Beast. The beast brushed them off, It then spoke words to Heulyn that gave her the final epiphany that finally made her realize that it was time to stop traveling. Nerotep seemingly made his final dance with the Beast. Heulyn and Sethus safely got out of there.

Heulyn’s First Arc came to a close.
Eteru Zvonimir
Eteru Zvonimir
Posts : 817
Join date : 2019-08-03
Age : 27
Location : Angelarium

The Flame of Eternity - Revised Story Beats of Heulyn's Adventures, First Arc [Meta Info] Empty Re: The Flame of Eternity - Revised Story Beats of Heulyn's Adventures, First Arc [Meta Info]

Sun Mar 13, 2022 12:42 pm
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