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Royalty and Refugees: A hopefuly future [Eteru/Richard] - Page 2 Empty Re: Royalty and Refugees: A hopefuly future [Eteru/Richard]

Sun Jan 09, 2022 1:02 pm
With this moment of crossed paths, it would be much later when Link realized he was a part of a cosmic synchronization which extended all across the breadth of infinity. It was uncertain if it was fate, destiny, or something else that produced a primal intuition with Link. He felt that the road that led him to this moment wasn’t that of natural probability. But his conscious mind failed to pick up on it. Too busy taking in every detail from who was before him.

Link was a stallion of refined taste. Years of burying himself within the Crossroads of Infinity book series have painted his preferences quite a bit. In this situation, she checked off many boxes. The last time so many were cleared was with one of his sisters. And she was a lot smaller than the Tri-halian. To say his thoughts held fantasies would be an understatement of the century. He was interested, very much so.

The attraction went beyond the chemical reaction in gray matter. Unbeknownst to many, he was throwing up a front with some aspects of himself. Time with his mentor taught him how to adapt to different environments. To blend in with others. The biggest being that his herd was fake. While it’s true that he had sexual relations with his blood. At their present age, it was all platonic. Most of his sisters in that list were currently in a relationship with someone else. Link was more interested in a quieter relationship of sorts.

Link wouldn’t say he is disconnected from Equestrian culture. He very much believes in the ideals of harmony and friendship. Or to be more precise, the Harmony in Twilight’s time before she took up the throne. When it wasn’t over saturated passion. Looking at it, he knew his opinion was influenced by those books as well. It pushes him into analyzing his modern culture from the lens of someone back then.

His field of understanding expanded greatly when he visited Tomburion a few times. Having bought a tourist pass that would allow him to the public sections of their great archives. Walking among the rows of exhibits, artifacts, and towering bookshelves of books. It somehow humbled him even further. Making him acutely aware of just how big the universe is. How many stories were told, and how many were tragically lost to time. He thought about his mortality. Coming to bear sympathy to those who couldn’t bear the existential dread and sought ways to run from the last page in their book.

The universe outside his region of space became more appealing. In ways, he was drawn to Kaleen simply because she wasn’t like the mares on Equus. Hard muscle is hard to come by in a land of soft flesh. That not’s to say there aren’t any mares with defined. From his perspective of being within a Unicorn dominated populace, it might as well be.

Link was also attracted to personal strength. Something that Kaleen very much had. He may be a bit of a bookish stallion, but he was very much fit. It was a necessity with the busy and active life he has. And since he became an apprentice to Blueblood all those years ago. Life became a lot more interesting. More complicated.

Alongside with his underestimated physique. He’s a powerful sex machine. Which isn’t too much of an achievement considering stallions evolved to have stamina needed to be able to go multiple rounds in order to satisfy their partners. When Kaleen corned him in an alleyway, he's not wholly a little white rabbit in the shadow of a great predator. The shadows of the alleyway gave way to the orange glow of Link’s magic as it fills the air. In a crisp sound of air filling a voice. They were gone.

Kaleenn would find herself in Link’s bedroom. One that his mentor rented it to him at one of his old manors. No one was here at the moment which was what he wanted. Being the type who prefers a more private time over the unbound debauchery of the Love Gardens. There were many details that gave hints to who Link is and his life. But those were irrelevant at that moment. The only thing that mattered was quelling the storm of lust that is now contained in this large space.

He let her dominate him for a while to let her have fun before switching things up. His magic dance in the surrounding air. Tendrils curl around her limbs. Contorting them into all sorts of lovely positions. By the end of their primal, lust-filled bonding moment. Kaleen would find herself being able to feel her legs for quite a while. Safe it say, that day did bring them closer together.

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Royalty and Refugees: A hopefuly future [Eteru/Richard] - Page 2 Empty Re: Royalty and Refugees: A hopefuly future [Eteru/Richard]

Mon Jan 10, 2022 5:02 am
Waking up the next day without the full use of her legs, looking up to a ceiling she didn’t immediately know, was confusing and potentially dangerous. But thankfully the wonders of last night came flooding back to the Hybrid gator, sending a delightful shiver down her spine with a pleasant rumble in her throat as she recalled just how ‘gifted’ the Stallion that continued to impress her with his seemingly limitless stamina all night long left her in such an impressive and sticky state.

She remembered the tendrils made of magic, pulling at her limbs, slithering and wrapping around juicy flesh and within openings to coax husky tones from her throat that she herself didn’t know she could make. To say that she was impressed with the warmth that was left behind in her core was an understatement. If all the Stallions on this planet were just half as good as the one she had bonded with… The Athailian’s would find worthy partners here.

Kaleen stayed laying down, looking for the little white haired stallion that put her in this state. “Mmm… Ooof. Everything aches… Impressively so.” Her voice dripped in equal measures of annoyance and genuine awe. To think that someone smaller than her could put her in this kind of state, she was pretty happy that she got the chance to bond with Link, ever since they met near the docks she wanted to try and find a way to get closer to him but she didn’t know much about magic. Thankfully her mothers biology came in clutch, her Pale Season started several months early. Perhaps out of building desire, or detecting the interesting magical potential of the new species around her.

All speculation of course. But she was still glad that it happened.

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